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  1. Can an admin please pm me and tell me what is going to be on the box shipped to my house if I buy a pipe?
  2. I think it depends entirely on what Customs decides to put on it.

    When I got my package with a glass bong, there was a 2 page Customs notice thingy that on it that declared there was a water pipe in the package, but it was on the second page and both sheets were folded in half inside of a sealed plastic sleeve.

    No one would have seen it unless they cut open the plastic sleeve, took the papers out and read them.

    But I've also heard people say before that there was a Customs sheet declaring a "glass pipe" or "water pipe" right on the front, so I guess it just depends. :confused_2:

    GC won't put anything on your package declaring what's inside, it's Customs you gotta worry about. :p
  3. Alright thanks

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