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Shipping Options w/ Attitude Seeds...A Few Questions...

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by JayKumba, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Got a few questions for you fellow smokers out there who have done business with Attitude Seeds. This will be my first purchase from a seed bank.

    1. Should I use a fake name when sending to my home address?

    - I know many of you say do not ship to the address where you will be growing. However, I don't want anyone else to know what is going on. If I have it sent to another location I'll have to tell the person who looks after that property - when more than 1 person knows it is no longer a secret.

    2. What kind of shipping option should I use?

    - I've already decided I'm going to shell out the extra $$$ to have it shipped stealth. However, I'm curious as to which method would be less conspicuous. Should I use the DVD case with the T-Shirt option? Wallet? Mug? Any referenced successful shipments that you have had would be greatly appreciated.

    These are the basic two questions I have - it should pretty much solidify my decision with Attitude Seeds and my business venture will begin!

  2. I went with a stealth mug. My reasoning was that Attitude guarantees the shipment if you pick their stealth option so it doesn't really matter which you choose, also, who doesn't like a nice new mug.
  3. I used the t-shirt. Worked really well for me. I got my package 6 business days later (in Canada, fwiw). I used my real name, but I didn't have it shipped to the grow address.
  4. double post. fuck im high.
  5. I used the t-shirt...shit for 10.50 I get a new shirt with every new seed order, can't beat that shit. Get some seeds to grow, get a new t-shirt. two birds. one stone. I forgot and it insures your order. that's three birds. one stone.
  6. blah! you don't even need guaranteed, attitudes legit.. i recommend the candy.. just dont eat any.
  7. I was wondering about shipping to house (grow house) with your real name. I mean I don't think you would ever have a problem because customs would have had to have intercepted your seeds to even know that there were seeds in the package in the first place. So, if they didn't open the package, they have no idea what is in there, right?

    Just my thoughts

  8. But if they DO intercept it may not be safe to ever grow there for awhile.
  9. 1. You shouldn't use your full real name to add plausible deniability, it shouldn't require signature verification and will ship right to you - not really necessary to use your real name. But be careful, because if you're not home at the time of the shipment to sign for the parcel - it gets returned to the local post office and you need to pick it up with ID.

    I just use a ups po box, about $60 / 3 months.

    2. I just used the dvd case, probably one of the more less conspicuous because it's one of the items which flows through boarders constantly.

    In the worst case if they do seize your parcel, they pretty much don't take any further action with these types of things (unless it's a large quantity). Seeds just get either returned, or most likely destroyed. The reason is that at least here in Canada is that they can't prove intent on the receiver, so they just don't even bother.

    Could be different in the US, they're fucking crazy so they might put you on a DEA watch list.
  10. do not use a fake name because the postmaster may send it back
    i use my full name so there is no suspicion that i am doing anything
    but ordering a t-shirt
  11. I'd recommend the DVD case as well.. it's now crush proof and comes double enveloped usually. I'm wondering how they're gonna package all my freebies, there definitely isn't enough space in a dvd case for all the beans i got.

  12. all the freebies should be in little bags labeled with the name and breeder
    if you order to much then it may not fit in a dvd case that is why i get
    guaranteed shipping with a t-shirt the seeds will be in a padded envelope
    and wrapped in the t-shirt so you get a double padding
    and if it gets lost in the mail attitude will ship you another one free
  13. I received an order from them a few weeks ago and my seeds never came in a DVD case but actually a small gold tin case about the size of a deck of cards. Has anyone else gotten that?
  14. I have used multiple methods of shipping with the Tude.

    The first time I used the DVD case with no guarantee . It came in a bubblewrap style envelope with just a Black DVD case inside....although when they closed the case I believe they crushed my LSD seed. I only ordered 4-5 seeds this time and was pretty upset to lose one. So I decided I would not use this method again.

    The second time I used the T-shirt with a guarantee. This was a bigger order so I wanted to ensure that nothing was crushed. It worked wonderfully. So I have never changed my method of shipping since.

    I may suffer from some kind of mental problem, but I use my name and address on all orders. I do not have paranoia problems, so I don't sketch out easily. I figure it like this, if I get busted it sure as hell wasn't because of an unopened package of seeds. I don't use a PO Box, because you have to put it in your name anyhow, and give them your address. The only "stealthy" thing I use is a Greendot card. That's more for the security of my bank account than anything else to be honest.

    I honestly believe, that 95% of all busts are security related (Letting freinds know you've got a grow going on). The other 5% I attribute to people getting busted selling with plants in the house, or Helicopters/ nosey neighbors. I like to brag on my plants, so I do it here. NOONE (minus the wife) knows I grow outside of this site. I grow less than 20 plants, deep in the woods of our property. I have had a full scale grow going for years now without an issue. Even when I lived in Florida, with nearby neighbors, I grew outside.
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    Yeah, just keep describing what your seeds came with, why don't you add more detales and give a complete description of your packages...well ,you already did......IDIOTS!!!!!

  16. Uhhhh I don't think anyone even mentioned anything you can't find out by looking at the shipping options on the site itself. But thanks for having something positive to add. Troll on brother.....troll on
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    You and other 5 douche bags are the dumbest people I have seen so far on this forum...I rest my case.....amen.:wave:

    Name Calling is Not Allowed Here in The City....So Please Refrain From doing so in The Future...Thanks!!! **unoit**
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    You're too funny. Have you ever ordered from Attitude? If you have, then you would know that nothing was said that isn't written in clear english on their own website.
  19. Honestly if Customs really gave a shit they would just make an order or two on their own to see what the packaging looks like or just take pictures of ones they already found. You act like Attitude is constantly changing how they ship to stay one step ahead and someone just gave it away. If they really gave a shit the government would ask GB to forbid sending seeds to the US and get Visa and Mastercard to refuse payment to these sites. None of this is the case. So calm down, smoke some bud and stop calling people names. If you can't say something that contributes to the discussion, then don't say anything.

  20. i get the tshirt just because i like the peace of mind of the guaranteed shipping.i use my real name just in case and my address but i really dont care because i grow legally here in MI.damn I love this state for this reason anyway.hate the f'in cold weather though.

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