Shipping a pipe to my house

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  1. I'm extremely sorry if this is in the wrong section. But I was gonna order a pipe and get it delivered to my house. I found one on gc and it was on sale and I had a 20% off so I was ecstatic to get a sweet looking 50 dollar pipe for like 25 bucks. Anyways I was a little worried about getting it sent to my house since I heard that they write what's inside the box (because I do live with my parents and they would not be happy about that) but I figured I'd just get it before they see it. And then I went to order my pipe and it wouldn't let me because I live in Pennsylvania. So ...
    1. I heard it's only the color changing pipes won't ship is that true!? Or all of them
    2. If I ordered one from etsy (because I found a few that I like but they said that it's our responsibility to be aware of the shipping laws in our state) would I get in trouble for getting one shipped.

    This sucks out of all of the states I had to live in one if the two they won't ship to :(
  2. it's simple, we don't ship anything to Pennsylvania, sorry
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