Shining Force type game

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  1. I recently purchased the collection of Sega games for Xbox360 and was playing through some good old Shining Force. The AI was ridiculously easy though, and it got me thinking.

    I'm in the works of making a similar style game, with the focus of smarter AI and a more strategic battle system. A couple ideas I have so far:

    Fog of war - Unable to see what the enemy is and where exactly they are. Maybe a weak scout class with high movement and vision capabilities.

    A tank class with a taunt (forces enemy to attack that target for the next 2 turns). Im debating this because it's not really realistic. In battle you can't really force the enemy to attack whatever target you want them too. A smart opponent would leave the tank alone and attack the weak damage dealers (I.E. casters) or healers. However if I did implement this, the enemy would be able to use it also.

    Now I'm looking to the community for their suggestions. So if you have any ideas for smarter AI, more realistic battle system that requires more strategy, or any cool features or classes you'd like to see in a game like this then feel free to post them. Credit will be given where credit is due :)
  2. What do you think about adding multiplayer? being able to challenge others with the heroes you've chosen to level up through the campaign.
  3. i loved the shining force series, and i like the fog of war idea.
    i dont have anything to really contribute but im curious, is this a flash game your making?

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