shiitt dissapointing night...

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  1. last night i went to this party, a party i've been lookin foward to for a few weeks.

    I partied with some of these people before, they're my cousin's friends. Last time i hooked up with this one girl, hottest girl i've ever gotten with. My boy "kyle" got with another.

    There was also another girl "jen" who left early last time that i really wanted to get with, so i convinced my cousin to invite her again. Unfortunatly she said she'd come, with her boyfriend. So i had to forget about that.

    Well we get there (bout an hour late) and first thing we see is the girl my friend got with last time making out with some other kid in the front yard. There were other girls there, and he was all talk sayin how he didn't care about getting with her again, but i could tell he was dissapointed.

    We get inside and i quickly realize i don't know anyone but like 4 people there. normally that's cool when it's my kind of people, but the girl to guy ratio was a little outta wack. And i was surrounded by up and comming "bros"....not true douchbag bro's, but not really my people.

    So i'm like shyyt, cause i'm more of the stoner type, and none of these girls smoked. I talked to a few but the bro's overpowered me for the most part. Felt like i couldnt get with any of em without putting up an act. i hate doing that shit i always feel like a tool afterwords.

    And kyle's following me around the whole time. He's bad to be around in these situations. When we're on the outskirts of a party or something he always starts pointing it out. "I feel like an outkast" he'd say, or when he can't think of anything to say to anyone he'll be like "these kids are gay", shit like that. Shit that doesn't help. Then he drinks till he grows balls, and ends up lookin like a fool, making ME feel like a fool cause he's like my goddamn shadow....

    Finally "jen" shows up, gives me a nice big hug. After walkin around i didn't notice any other guys or potential boyfriends. I went to go find her and she's talking with two people about how she's on a break with her bf and that she already made out with some kid at the party....soo i'm like "alright cool i least i can get with her"

    Nope, literally 30 minutes after she got there, she had to go home. Fuck.

    Fuck. Fuck.

    So we got outta there after that, now it's three months of nothing till i (hopefully) go away to school.

    i can't wait to go to college. this is all i got right now. And i'm tired of kyle. i'm better off without him. He's kind of a prick now that he started drinking and stopped smoking.

    On the plus side, one (completly sober) girl compared me to Johnny Depp.


    Oh i got a question too. How do you stop being a "nice guy". i don't think im agressive enough....i never fall into the friend zone, I don't let girls walk all over me (anymore :) ) but i still feel like i'm too nice...
  2. Cool story bro
  3. Fuck off, year seven bitch.
  4. treat girls like your friends.
  5. ...did you expect a thread with a title "shit dissapointing night" to be interesting?

  6. your one of those douchebags in the OP story. good job.

  7. Dude, college will TOTALLY make the wait worth it. You gonna laugh this shit off, I PROMISE. You gonna be like "fuck dem wack bitches... look at what I got now".

    JUST MAKE SURE YOU DONT GO TO A RELIGIOUS UNIVERSITY! You WILL regret it. Try to go to a university with dorms and houses if possible. Community colleges are good academically, but not for partying/meeting stoners/smoking.

    Source: Experience
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  9. I had like 15 people over a couple night ago. Some xanax came around, I didn't take any cause I was already wasted but I spent the night babysitting a bunch of bar'd out zombie retards. :(
  10. Nope, it's gone for regular users. :cry:
  11. maaaaaan. I see why they did that. It kinda sucks when someone neg reps you without knowing the whole story and after it's all settled out, I till have lower rep. So meh.
  12. I can seeing removing -rep, but not just for regular users.

    -rep only matter to users who HAVE lots of rep, usually by good posting and helping. I don't see what money has to do with anything here..
  13. I feel this dawg.
  14. I hate parties like that. Sucks when you're looking forward to hooking up with a certain girl and she either shows up then goes home 20 mins later saying she has homework or something, or she ends up hooking up with someone else.

    And I totally feel you on the "bros" problem. I know exactly the type you're talking about. Problem is, girls love guys like that so they never change.
  15. Ah that sucks man, have had the exact same kinda thing nearly. Looking forward to a mad party, but then having to get picked up by my friends christian mum at 12. So no getting smashed, which is exactly what I needed to ease in with a much cooler and unknown crowd. I really hate feeling out of my element.

    Goodluck with your future college nights ;)
  16. College > everything else
  17. Don't stop being a nice guy. We need dudes like you.
    Don't let ANYONE walk all over you. Respect yourself, and most people will follow suit and show you some degree of respect as well.
    And finally, women love confidence. Start carrying yourself like you KNOW you're the coolest, sexiest, most badass motherfucker to have ever walked God's green earth, and watch the women flock to you. Just be careful to observe the fine line between confidence and arrogance--nobody likes an arrogant douchebag.

    We do?!?!? :eek: Shit, I'd better get myself to the nearest frat house.

  18. Unfortunately yes, most of the female race is like that. Maybe not you, but you're a rare breed. Most of the time when a nice guy hits on a girl at a party she tells him she has a boyfriend or something, then ten minutes later you find her making out with some douchey kid with a muscle shirt and sideways hat.

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