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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sheseed, Mar 12, 2002.

  1. Hi y'all!!!!

    On the good advice of cowboysaxman I have joined grasscity. seems a more casual here than whence I came.

    Got a site called sheseeds..its listed under my personal site, if u care to peek. I don't sell anything except my personal views there, but some of my views are unusual even for those of the counter culture. curious?

    peace and love,
  2. High sheseed, welcome to the CITY!! Folks of all kinds here [​IMG]......[​IMG]....but all are cool!!! Blaze up and enjoy!![​IMG]
  3. Damn!!! 'Bout got lost when I went off checkin' out your site!!!! Pretty cool!!!

    Welcome to the City!!

    Hope to see ya 'round!!
  4. Hi, went to your site. =)

    its good to see a new name =)

  5. hiya cowboy!...blazing...blazing...coughin...blazing...

    thanks for checking out sheseeds, stonie joe and IceCreamKidd!

    Hope you didn't mind the extended time the images took to come in. See I just love the 3D images and I can't make myself go back to patterned backgrounds. I figure if folks are interested in seeing my Message Board, they will read the stuff before the backgrounds come in. I noticed its only like that the first time you come to she's!

    beofgoodwill guys!

    peace and love,
  6. Hi sheseed;

    glad to have you here. Lot's of great people here, and lot's of cool stuff for you here too. Welcome

    Blessed be,


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