Shes now 3 months into flowering and they tore her down they said kill it is thisjoke

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  1. but now look at my baby once known as thumbalina midget a puff and 1 gramn hitter! im labeling her as yellow citron! being as we all know what her ield will produce is potent shit! lol i got 2.8 gs from her wen dried but i decided to lst her etc...... look at how big shes gotten!

    1. ferts: MG bloom booster, superthrive Molasses MG reg plant food, organic manure from wally world, MG potting soil MG in ground dirt, tap water dont know PH so kill me, well yall tell me GC hows did i do? ;oP


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  2. opps!

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  3. lol im a little confused, is that her in the second post picture? if it is then my has she grown. I hope it isnt though cause i love that lil guy
  4. yea its her i clipped her n smoked her little magical sugary-ness she was strong! waited 2 weeks be4 she got lit!
  5. she has like 36 or 40 something new heads ;oP man its gonna be a smoke fest, and she doesnt smell at all only wen u concentrate on smelling her then but i have an air purifier on the bottom and a intake fan on the top!
  6. haha thats too funny

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