she's about to be kicked out..

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  1. I don't like the way it grows. Very spindly, thin weak grow, yellow leaf you can see trough... not the kind of plant that will yield a QP or that you'll want to clone. I tried to top, wind stress, lst, ...She is gonna have to try on her own. WIN_20190821_16_00_18_Pro.jpg
    Here is the plan. Its a coco perlite smart pot so I'll have to put some sort of a cover to protect against rain. Gonna cover her up at night so it stays in same level of darkness and water same routine as the rest of the crop inside.
  2. And now we wait......:love-m3j:
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  3. Looks thirsty.
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  4. Really I don't know how to make her happy.. I have 5 plant all in coco perlite 7gal smart pot, everyone have 2liters everyday and it's one of the plant that have the most run off.
  5. Sometimes plants are just a$$holes. Haha! Seriously...sometimes it's better to just let em be, as you're doing! Plus, if it IS something wrong, better to not have it infect the garden. I had similar issues and fungus gnats appeared to be the probable culprit.
  6. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. When I moved her out the smart pot was heavy and I just put it on the concreate for the time to set the pot elevator and there was a mark left of water. I Really appreciate input. Maybe she would enjoy a 2 time watering? Not really appropriate for my schedule but I'll do my best. I'll try tomorrow to water once at dusk 6am right before I leave to work and around 3 when I am back!
  7. So if she's heavy do not water anymore. Overwatering starves the plant. Let her dry out a bit and see how it does under sun light, wind and warm temps.
  8. thank you! I went to cover her up for the night and she looks better than never before already!
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  9. I cannot believe it! She bounced back! Nice healty leaves pointing straight looking happy and promising. She found her beach! WIN_20190822_15_27_53_Pro.jpg WIN_20190822_15_28_03_Pro.jpg
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  10. and 40 days later BACK INSIDE!!! (too cold outside, still have at least 3 weeks to go) She has been doing good! Now sitting in her OWN 4 x 4 with 240w of QB. WIN_20191002_15_33_30_Pro.jpg WIN_20191002_15_33_45_Pro.jpg
  11. Girlfriend is gonna love new decor. And now exhausting 2 x 390 straight outside bringing same amount of fresh air trough the open window. Night temps inside is 13-14C. Hope my plants turns purple. WIN_20191002_16_19_17_Pro.jpg WIN_20191002_16_19_43_Pro.jpg

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