Shes 7 inches tall, but she doesnt look that well, and 3 just sprouted,

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  1. Hey guys. Ive been coming here a while now, and this site has gotten my growing skills to a point where i felt ocmfertable enough to start growing. Its a bag seed grow, 1 plant i started about 2 weeks ago, maybe 3, shes been kept under a 150w flouro until yesterday, when i put her under a 100w daylight flouro. The 3 that just sprouted are now under the 150w flouro. The big plant is in a pot with alright drainage, not that good, but it drains...and the soil is Scotts. I dont really know if this is good soil to grow this plant in, but I dont really have a choice now. And Im just going to keep her in that pot, I dont need her to get that tall or yeild that much, If shes a female, shes gunna be a mother. The other 3 are backup.

    Now then, I bought 3 2 gallon containers and saucers for the 3 that just sprouted. I have them in a soiless mix, schultz..and in litte peat pots. Once they have good roots, im going to plant them into the 2 gallon containers filled with the soiless mix.

    Right now, Im using ( probably a terrible fertalizer actually ) , its called Jacks classic Orchid Special with micronutrients 30 - 10 - 10

    Im not sure if I should be using this fert...but my grandma had it laying around, and i figured since it had a lot of nitrogen and micronutrients, it could help me out untill i find some good nutes for it. I heard any tomato fert is good, but ive heard miracle grow is bad...should i get a tomato fert that isnt miracle grow? Oh, i put a little more than a half of a tablespoon in a gallon of purified water. I fed that to all the plants, and i sprayed a little bit of the fert and water on the plants...

    I have pictures to better explain everything that im talking about. The camera is crappy, so the pics arent that great, but you can see the leaves and how they look...and how far along they are. There are a bunch of pics, ive been taking daily pictures throughout the process for my journal.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. looks good so far. good luck.
  3. any help at all?

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