Sherlock Bubbler with 2-slit diffused stem

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    I went to my new local headshop yesterday expecting to get a 5" Sherlock bubbler fumed n thick for 55$ and not much more.

    Instead I ended up getting a nice deal for only 55$ :smoke:, but I've been there allot recently.

    It was tagged at 70 and he said decided to let it go anyway. He told me that the actual bubbler i was buying was a wild card, because he ordered certain bubblers at one time and they accidentally sent this one even though it wasn't on the order.

    Even let me switch the bowl from stock to the one in picture.
    The worked center on the piece is like 10mm thick, helps with bubblez.
    It clears in 2 chuggle bubble. haha :smoke:
  2. Only two slits man? :(

  3. Yeh it only has 2 slits, but their noticeably efficient and work well. The size of the slits are big though, nothing is in them yet.

    Its nice having a well diffused stem, but sometimes its annoying to clean if or take the time to clean good, and simple always works, and works well.

    I am pretty high though, This cheese is making me ramble :smoking:
  4. Updated Pictures.

    Glass is very thick all around, Great GonG piece for 55$
  5. I like that it has a slide and not a fixed bowl. That thing would make a sick oil rig if you ever wanted it to be!

  6. Agreed! All you need is a male to male GonG adapter, a nail, a dome and you're set! :cool:

  7. The local headshop I purchased this piece at has glass oil domes that fit 18.8.
    I'm going to pick it up in a month or so. And some new slides.

    Overall I'm addicted to these GonG sherlock bubblers. I have had 2 foot 5-7mm bongs, Mini bongs, Pocket bubblers, and everything else, but the GonG bubbler hits like a bong, portable like a bubbler(I put it in my pocket:smoke:), and reliable.

    I'm stoned of this rig as it is right now. I just milk the shit out of it.

    The only problem I have with it right now, is the simple fact it clears to fast, I have not got used to operating a 18.8 slide on small bubbler.
  8. would make a GREAT oil piece

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