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  1. This is a pretty obscure game, has anyone ever played it? They planned a trilogy but they never made the third one those bastards. I've been waiting over a decade to kick Lan-Di's ass.

    I'm planning on buying a Dreamcast and this game just for old time's sake. It had an atmosphere that can't be replicated, just wandering around parts of Japan doing the side missions was amazing.



    I'm also planning on getting Sonic Adventures and Omikron: Nomad Soul (guarantee no one knows what that game is!)
  2. I have never played the first Shenmue but I beat the second one on xbox and I loved that shit.I would love to see a Shenmue 3 but I know it will never happen even though it would sell a lot if they made it a ps3 exclusive.
  3. This game was the shit back in the day! I think I still have a copy laying around somewhere. Might have to bust out the Dreamcast, lol!
  4. I fucking loved Shenmue 2. Never played the first, but the second one kept me well entertained. Sucks they haven't made the third one.
  5. The first game on dreamcast blew me away. I wish my dreamcast still worked because I would go play it right now lol
  6. I love the first one. I thought the story and the gameplay was the best. It was like the japan version of GTA. I trying to get my hands on the second one. I havent played it yet. They need to hurry up and make part 3.
  7. that game was dissapointed it never got very mainstream.
    it was so engaging you could do so much, i was pretty young when dreamcast was around though so i never got too far, it was too complex for me at the time.
    that, soul caliber, sword of bezerk, soul reaver...dreamcast was fucking bad ass

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