Sheldon Black or Illadelph?

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  1. I had an offer to buy an 18 inch straight tube sheldon black for 125. Although another kid wants me to buy his 18 inch rasta label illadelph for 200. the illadelph has a SGW showerhead and a worked bowl, but I don't think it's worth the extra dough, any other opinions?

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  2. you're foolish if you dont grab that illadelph with extras.

    1. sure it's a sheldon black, but that will be just like owning just some regular ass, not custom or cool roor one day, like if i whipped out .us orange label straight shot nothing 3.2 and was like...sweeeet.

    2. percolation technologies, illadelph thickass joints, the extras, just grab the rasta heavy hitter who doesnt want a new one for the rasta collection
  3. Not a fan of illidelph

    Id go sheldon black.
  4. deff. illy

  5. illy with the sgw!
  6. Illy ftw!
  7. Definately the Sheldon Black. I dont know much about either brands, but i can tell you that the Sheldon Black looks fucking cool as hell. Nice and clean. And the lable is nice. the whole rasta theme on the Illedelph is cool and all but I dont thinks its worth $200.

    The choices you have, id go for the sheldon black. Cheaper and looks nicer. But i would test both out first.
  8. I'm not a fan of illy either, but it comes w/ a sherhead and a nicer bowl

    oh shit, i thought it was 180 for sb and 200 for illy...125.hmm i dunno then your call lol
  9. The worked bowl and sgw diffy make up for the price difference imo. Not a huge fan of either brand, but the illy is a better deal in this situation.
  10. get both.resell one. profit...
  11. Well I would have gone with the sheldon black but the kid queefed on me and sold it someone else. I'll go check out the illadelph but the only thing thats really drawing me in is the down stem, which I'm sure I could find another one of online. does anybody know how much one of these illadelphs usually go for in a shop?
  12. an over priced amount. sheldon black makes higher quality then Illadelph, showeheads are all over the place online, what does that worked slide matter if you don't like it?

    i'd personally go all brand new when it's the same price, but if you'd like to settle and buy something cheaper quality at the same cost as retail, sure go with the illy.
  13. 17 inch rasta on ALT is 260 so yea its a good deal...
  14. Yeah that tube is like $280 alone not including the extras. You would be an idiot if you didn't pick that up for 2 bills! Buy that mother fucker!
  15. I'd go with the Illy <3
  16. id say the sheldon black.... you can probably get a new sb and a new diffy for under 200 easy... the bowl is the only difference imo

    the illy is still a nice setup though
  17. those are both good deals. if you have the money i would buy them both, put the showerhead downstem in the sheldon, put the k clip on the sheldon and resell the rasta with the sheldon downstem and the custom bowl.

    but thats just me.
  18. Sheldon easily wins.

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