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  1. i was just wondering who in the city is a fan of sheetz? for those not in the region, sheetz is a gas station, but they also make some great food. their fries are the best i have ever had, and that was when i was sober.

    any love for sheetz?
  2. sheetz makes me cum, i usually walk there when im blazed and load up on doughnutz, hotdogz and friez
  3. haha i know, to me, nothing is better than sheetz food when you're baked.
  4. Shits too expensive for my tastes personally.
  5. 2 hot dogs foro 1$, thats 10 for 5$, lol. thats alot of food.
  6. dont have sheetz here. but we have caseys. and caseys pizza is the bomb..
  7. Do sheetz give you the shits?
  8. I've never even heard of such a place

    I figured this was an acid thread in the wrong place
  9. Sheetz owns. At school here we have 3 in our town, I have none back home. Cheap ass food, open all night, beer and cigarettes too. Cant beat it.

    Sheetz originated in Altoona PA and the ones there have the MTO touch screens at the fucking pump.
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    yeah, sheetz is great. there are three in my town, and i live in a pretty small town.
  11. lol no beer in the pennsylvania ones :eek:
  12. We got Buschemi's in the metro-Detroit area, those have some amazing pizza.
  13. why are you guys piping in with your versions of restuarants? this thread is about sheetz....
  14. Can you say 44 oz drink for 69 cents!
  15. I used to go to camp in PA and I always stopped at sheetz on the way there and back. Awesome sandwiches, I miss sheetz
  16. Sheetz is a pot smoker with munchie's godsend. So colorful on the outside, and bright and nice on the inside. Clean, lots of food, and gas!

    Beats WaWa to hell..not sure about the other places I've heard on here.... No pizza at sheetz tho :(
  17. Wawa>Sheetz. 'Nuff said.
  18. wow, it's really cool seeing so much love for sheetz. i think it's the perfect place to go when high. the sheetz i usually go to looks really cool when you're baked, i mean, they went all out, considering it is a gas station. they should definitely start selling pizza though.
  19. truth.
  20. you americans and your plentiful and cheap fast food franchises...

    I'm totally jealous as a stoner. hah

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