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    Some of you may recognize my grow but with all the recent upgrades and the fact that I'm no longer speaking to someone who has/had an account on here and don't want him to be able to sign on and see the progress or even where my grow is. He's not an active member anymore but I don't want to make it easy.

    7x7 Rubbermaid Tuffshed with Reflectix Double Reflective Insulation.

    De'Longhi 10,000 BTU Portable AC

    -1000w sun system HPS w/ XXXL sealed hood. Cooled with a 8" 400CFM duct fan(intake and exhaust out of shed).

    Veg Tent 2x4x5:
    -180w Prosource UFO
    -600w LED
    -11spot DIY Aerocloner
    -4in 170cfm fan(w/Hydrofarm controller) & Charcoal filter
    Soil: FFOF + 30% Perlite

    Recirculating Self Feeding System:

    3x3 tray
    (2) 210 gph water pumps (1 continually mixes, 1 feeds on a timer)
    (1) 7.8 L /min air pump w/ 2 air stones
    Feeding Advanced Nutrients line + some extra goodies

    **Side Note- I just purchased all the supplies needed to upgrade my system to a 9 bucket rDWC system as well as setting up the veg area with a rDWC system using BubbleBoy Four Bangers. As soon as my clones root, I'll be putting them into the (2)Bubble Boy Four Bangers and will be transplanting those into their own buckets for flowering after a month.

  2. I tried to be as clean as I could installing everything and think I did a decent job!
  3. Just a little update. I'm on week 7 of flowering and a few of them look like they are getting close to finishing. The Kandy Kush however still looks like I have 3 weeks left.

    OG Bagseed and Platinum OG
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    Also wanted to add that my clones are 11/11 this round! All of them showed roots at day 13 but now they're getting to a good length. I decided that since I will only be keeping 9 for the next round, 1 can become the new mother while I throw the current mother in my outside garden to start flowering with her sisters!


    Just got confirmation that my rDWC equipment gets delivered today!
  5. Bad news all around. I opened my gear and was missing the 2 bubble boy 4bangers. I called and apparently instead of giving me free shipping the guy at HTGSupply just took the 4 bangers off and charged full shipping. The "manager" didn't really seem to want to work anything out with me. I said I would pay for the units but didn't want to pay shipping...again. I hung up and decided I would just make my own. I open my shed to find 120F and all of them looked pretty crispy. The AC unit was off pretty much all day in the 100F and the 1000w just cooked them. I immediately shut the lights off as well as throwing some ice bottles in the cloner and rez. The clones definitely took a pretty bad hit as well. 5 of em look like they were able to withstand the soup that the cloner turned into. Turns out the solar guys shut the power off for a few and turned it back on. The AC doesn't automatically turn back on.

    I made the new DWC to house all 9 babies in 3in net pots. That solved my problem of having to come up with 1 more to make my 9 for flowering. I moved 3 of the clones over that had roots that I think are long enough. pH the water to 5.8 and fired up the air pump. I used 2 of the Large Active Aqua Cylinder air stones.
  6. Yesterday, I was able to check the babies every few hours and found the fuse for the A/C was blown. I cut the light cycle short and put them back into darkness. I extended the dark period and will be firing up the light at night from now on. I used to always run my lights at night but since I moved it outside my dad was kind of worried about the popo zao. This is a CA legal grow so I'm going to stop worrying about it. I consider myself small time anyways. The clones seemed to take an even bigger hit so I'm working on getting my hands on some clones from a friend. May have to make a run to the clone store.
  7. Here are some pictures I took with my microscope
  8. Not that anyone is subscribed or cares but just for the mere reason of keeping track for myself. I harvested one of the OG bagseeds that looked like it wasn't going to make it through the week. I also saw a few roots poking out the bottom of the nets in the DWC container. GROW! GROW! GROW!
  9. Hey man, I'm subscribed now. And I care.

    100 degrees is pretty nasty man. But you already know that.

    Keep an eye on those airstones. Most all the ones I've ever used have a tendency to clog. I lost 2 large plants probably 8oz because I didn't catch my clogged airstones fast enough last time around.

    I started to think about it, and the best plants I've ever grown were in bubble buckets with just an airline hose stuck in the water. Some airstones you use actually kind of seem to hold back the air and slow down the pump. I dunno man. Just keep your eyes on em, that's one of those things that'll kill em quick.
  10. Thanks!

    Yeah I have a few of the small air stones laying around as a back up but since I'm setting up the buckets to be a rDWC system, basically mimicking the under current system, all of the water is connected and it should create enough air in the water itself. I just wanted to add air stones in all the buckets(including rez) as an extra assurance.
  11. Good idea man. Right now I have 7 buckets, and a 37 gallon tote w/ 5 plants in it and none of em are connected it's driving me nuts. Next round I wanna just buy a setup and say fuck it. I know I could build one but you can get a 12 bucket thing from htg w/ a huge res for like $400 ish which aint bad for some plug and play convenience.
  12. Save your $!!!! Buy THESE GROMMETS and connect all your buckets together using 1/2" line. Literally the only tool you would need is a 3/4" paddle bit so that you can install those grommets. Very simple and cheap fix and it'll save your ass like $300. I drilled and installed 20 of them in under half an hour.

  13. Dude I'm so doing that. The possibility of me not finding the right grommets and it leaking all over the place had deterred me. But those actually look like they would hold up and are heavy duty. Are those the ones you used? I've literally got 7 bubble buckets now, and a huge tote, all changing the water individually. I just grew too fast and couldn't plan for it and kept throwing em in there. Now I gotta get a setup running to keep me from all this trouble of changing all that water. What do you do for a res? Just like a 50 gallon drum or something?
  14. Yes those are the ones I'm going to be using. I have each bucket come back to the controller bucket individually. You should use the same size bucket for the controller. You're going to use more nutes, the bigger the container is.

    I'm going to be harvesting the rest of my plants at the beginning of next week and should have some pictures of the rDWC system up when I'm done.
  15. The heat abused Bagseed OG turned out pretty good!
  16. So I've harvested all but the 2 Kandy Kush plants that look like they still have a week or 2 left! Jeez, I had no idea that they were a 90 day flower. I thought it said 60. Oh well, the others each gave me an Oz or more. I got lazy and only trimmed the bigger stuff. I should have a shitload of dry ice hash when I'm done!

    I removed the flood tray, stand and rez so that I have room to move around with all the buckets waiting to be setup.

    In the veg tent, I added:

    3 - Grand Daddy Purple clones
    1 - LSD OG

    Those 4, and the 5 Platinum OG clones, ALL show roots out the bottom/sides of the net pots! I topped off the container and pH'd to 5.5 They should be taking off real soon!
  17. I got a spider mite problem in the veg tent. I put the hot spot thing right next to the plants and put some Azamax and a TBL of Cal/mag into the reservoir yesterday. Today I noticed that the LSD OG isn't showing roots out the bottom or even out of the root plug and looks bad. Yet, all the others are thriving.
  18. Kill those fuckers man. It sounds like you're doing the right thing.
  19. Yeah, I got them all I think.

    I ended up accidentally killing the GDP and may have been able to save the LSD. I picked up a few more LSD's to replace em. The platinum is still doing well. Not sure if the others were just a weaker strain but I nuted them all on the heavier side(550 PPM). It may have been the extra light from the 180w UFO that I'm growing the OG#18 with. Wanted to be on the safe side so the OG#18 is in soil and will be my new mother. I also cant believe that this Kandy Kush is still going. Will be checking trichomes tonight but still all white hairs. Guessing there's still a week or so left. I've never had a strain take 90 days to flower. Really quite disappointed with my yield, damn power outages! I have 2 platinum, and 2 Maui Wowie females outside that should be good in about 3 weeks!
  20. Ha keep em growing dude. I'll keep checking back for more bud porn!

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