She smoked my stash!!!!!!!

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  1. :mad: ok so my pops and my mom are split atm and i moved back in to help around and what not. So my dad moved out and i went along since my little sis would be staying with him. Hate my mom so i couldnt stay with her alone. Anyway my dad has this new girl friend that is my age pretty much. hes in his 50s and she her 20s. SO im like gg dad!:hello: cuz shes pretty good looking. Anyway i always keep my stash....a stash just because thats what im use to. My dad knows i smoke and so does my sister ( she does too). So i get home and i REALLY want to smoke because i have a bad ankle injury goin right now. Anyway i go to grab my shit and its gone:confused:

    So i ask my sis cuz i dont mind if she uses my stash. She says no so i ask my dad and he says no. Then i see his new GF lookin all sorts of stoned so i ask her if she wanted to tell me anything. shes like no im like ok......later i find her outside tokin on a like hmmm i have one of i go up and we speak. Im like i didnt know u smoked and she said not often....which was wierd because who owns a LB if they dont toke very often. So i ask to grab a toke and what do u know its MY LB ( i engraved my initials on it) and it taste like my bud. SO i let her know whats good and she freaks tellin me not to tell my dad and what not. Anyway she smoked most of my stash and lied aobut it to my face. Needless to say after informing my dad he kicked her ass out and told her not to call and what not.

    I went to go talk to my dad after and me him and my sis lite one up( he VERY rarely smokes) and im like dad u dont have to stop seeing her. He hits this doobie like he does it every day and says "pussies just pussy but ur my boy and family comes b4 everything" I was like:yay:and he was alll like:cool:
  2. Bro's b4 hoe's your dad's a boss :cool::smoke:
  3. your pops is boss lmao
  4. Wow your dad sounds pretty chill bro.:smoke:

    I had a similar experience with my mom's ex boyfriend although he would go through my shit looking for cash. Oh and if I left any weed lying around then forget about it. The difference is my mom was in denial about this dude and I ended up sucker punching him in the eye after he stole $25 from my dresser. He left after that.

  5. Of course. Someone always has to call bullshit on a real life story. You're bullsht bro how about that.

    OP, your dad is bawesome.
  6. Fuckin' Legendary.
  7. unreal story +rep
  8. pinchers gonna pinch
  9. I would of took her cash mane.
  10. Great story. Now go after her.
  11. ur dad's more gangster than Tonyface Montana man count ur lucky stars ur dad is a Boss. ur dad is FOBbin. Family Over Bitches. Sweet.
  12. let us know if your pops hooks back up with her
  13. Man update time: We've been smokin (err....vapin) pretty much since i made this post. He wanted to try out the box and i had to oblige. Gone through almost a quarter now on 2 LB with PA and 2700 mah respectivley. Great bonding experience and a giant F U to my alcoholic mother.
  14. i hate bitches. Especially when they still your bud.
  15. thats boss bro! if i was that bitch (no offence to female dogs) id go :hide:
  16. good shes available . now go do her
  17. great story btw :p
  18. cool story your dad sounds cool as fuck
    Myselia? speaks the truth, better be learning
    from that man. hah
  19. Your dads boss

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