She might be pregnant...

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    My gf dosnt like me using a condom. I would rather use one to prevent the pregnancy but she insists No.
    She hasnt gotten her period in a little over a month. She is on birth control. I dont burst inside of her, I pull out and cum on her stomach basically.
    But I MIGHT have came a tiny bit inside of her. MIGHT. Like not even a half of a quarter of my load right before I pulled out. I MIGHT have. Its scary as shit to be honest. I wont dump her if she is pregnant but I dont know what to do if she is.
    You guys or girls got any thoughts?
    Or similar stories to make me lol? :(
    She got her period the night I posted this.
    But she felt sick the next morning.
    Do you think she is pregnant? :(

    Funny story I NEED to share xD
    Occasionally I would cum in her belly button and her reaction is always like AWWWW
    The last time I got in her belly button she was cleaning up herself :)p) And all I hear is her say, AWWW NOOOOOOOOO
    I was like, What, whats wrong...
    She said, GUESS
  2. RUN NOW! jk. Use a condom from now on.
  3. Oh ya, No doubt.
  4. if you guys can raise it kee it and make sure you do it right man. but if its a seriously bad time.

    " i dont wanna say it for baby ears over here, but it rhymes with shmashmortion" - knocked up

    but in all honesty if it was me, i would probaly go through with it all and live with it. you have to take responsibility for your actions.
  5. At this point, there is 0% chance we can afford it even if we both put all our money in. even if I QUIT POT
    Im not exaggerating, there is really 0% chance we could afford it.
  6. afford what? the kid, or abortion?

    im really not a good advice giver on this subject. but do the costs outweigh the benefits?
  7. My GF in college got pregnant and against my wishes had an abortion and it really fucked her up mentally. She took up drinking and coke and one day she never showed up. It's hard to raise a child (TG I dont have any) so you have a tough decision.

    My advice: Wrap it up
  8. Girls can still get preggers even if they are on the pill. It happened to my old boss and it happens all the time to others.
  9. Go get Plan B next time you slip up like that.

    Plan B® One-Step: Home

    If she's on birth control, why are you worried about getting her pregnant?

    Also, the pull-out method is not birth control. Don't use it like it is.
  10. apparently this is how i was conceived :confused_2:

  12. Women can get pregnant from pre-cum (you know, the clear stuff when you first get an erection). Pulling out is pointless. If she does not like rubbers try the female condom (the new ones don't squeak) or the sponge. There are lots of choices.
    If she does not want an abortion check into adoption, open adoption will allow you to keep in touch as the kid grows up. The adoptive parents will pay for her healthcare during the pregnancy.
  13. If shes on birth control whats the problem here? And why would you not bust in her if shes on birth control.
  14. So you nutted an 8th in her?

    (half a quarter)
  15. why doesn't she just take a test?
  16. I feel so bad for you. I'm a girl but I hate it when girls pull that crap on guys. I don't want kids anytime soon if ever, so who cares if it's not as good NOT having a kid is even better. I'd use both the pill and condom.

    The laws are so unfair sometimes. Men should not always 100% be responsible for child support, like if he's been trapped into it (not saying your girlfriend is, just in general). She claims he got her pregnant. What was SHE doing while he was doing that? :p I'd be real careful about that, man.

    Get a test asap, hope she supports abortion, and learn from this.
  17. I would feel pretty safe really. She's on the pill which is pretty safe. And I know they can get pregnant from precum and what not, but you said you have also cut the amount of sperm inside her basically 1/8th of the amount so that is even less chance really.

    But you sound insecure about doing it, so you should really talk to her about using protection. And you should have gotten the morning-after pill.
  18. 2 words....Anal Sex, if she thinks anal sex hurts now, wait till she gives birth.
  19. [​IMG]

    J/K Time to man up, and be the best dad you can be!
  20. Shit man, if you want to be with this chick then go for it but if it was just a fling, goddamn son you got unlucky

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