She didnt let me hit it tonight

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    I met this girl a year ago in my math class in CC we hung out a few times then but nothing really happened.

    Stopped talking to her then started up again recently. Well anyways I invited her to smoke with me and watch a movie. She agreed and came over tonight.

    We smoke and talk a bit just mess around while we smoke. I put on the movie we lay together the whole time, head on my chest and shit. She let me literally touch her anywhere. I was caressing her thighs and well you know.

    But when I go to kiss her she says no, then eventually says only if you really want to... like in a way like she's scared to start something...then says no nvm after I go in again but the whole time she doesn't mind me caressing anything I want...

    Wtf is going on here lol? Bladies and Blades wanna share their input in this for.

    I hope this all makes sense. I bong vaped like 5 bowls after she left haha.
  2. Could be a number of things: she didn't want to seem too easy in giving it up on the first night kicking it since you were at CC. (And that could be simply because she didn't want to appear easy, or because she likes you and wants to keep seeing you). Perhaps the touching felt good in general but bringing it in for a kiss made it personal, and she doesn't feel that sort of attraction to you. Maybe she was really high and just wasn't in the mood to fuck.

    I think it's anyone's guess.
  3. Have you tried to talk to her about it? She's the one person who WOULD know who was on her mind at the time.
  4. Yeah I did I asked her. I got the usual I'm shy this is awkward I have a vagina therefore I'm not gonna give you an answer kinda response lol.
  5. That's why you skip the kissing and go straight for the box. Did you at least finger punch her box?

    Omega369 :wave:
  6. Oooo, she's got issues. Issues as in probably doesn't let anybody too close and is scared of being hurt emotionally. The type of chick who would wanna fuck but no kissing allowed. Even though she didn't let you in..I hope you get what I'm saying. Definitely got some sort of wall up, my guess is she's been hurt in the past or has intimacy issues
  7. Thrill of the hunt

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  8. She didn't let you fuck the first night? How dare she? The audacity of that bitch. Lol.
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    I'm thinking that's what it is now and you might be right that she would want to fuck but not kiss. The whole time during the movie She was putting her legs on top of mine and shit wrapping her legs around me and mine whatnot but then also at one point she as like "is my underwear showing I don't want it to show" and pulled her pants up. Was that an invitation to pull them right off? I'm gonna feel dumb if it is but whatever it was in the moment.

    This wasn't the first time we hung out. Prior to stopping speaking to her we did go to the park and movies together... never really led anywhere. But I've done this in the past where I reconnect with girls I tried to get with and it didn't work out. If I give it like 6 months then try again with a bit more of a dick approach it usually always works. Anyways.... yeah I guess it is the first time since like early summer last year was the last time we hung out.

    Fuck I was so high last night I forgot to mention at one point I just told her so take a chance and kissed her anyways. All she said was you cheated and put her hand in between our mouths.
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    Dude she seems weird to me. Even if we are right and she has those intimacy issues she sounds kinda immature. In my opinion, try to hit it again (if you're willing to put up with the bullshit and mixed ass signals) then split. That's just the feel I'm getting from it
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    I just. . . how do people fuck but not kiss? To me, that's like drinking wine by pouring it down a tube in your throat. So much of the pleasure comes from letting that taste slide across your tongue. If it's an "emotional" thing, then maybe casual sex just isn't for them, and there's not a thing wrong with that.

    People are weird.
    I agree man. I love kissing especially when stoned/high and her lips are all soft and moist. 
    heh heh heh
    Issues, or playing hard to get
  15. Maybe she thinks you got a busted ass grille.
    This your grille OP?
  16. maybe she just wanted to cuddle and didn't want it to lead to sex? probably exactly what it was but everybody in here is calling her crazy hahaha

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  17. I don't really know what kind of cultural background you all come from, but some girl you met in high school and barely hung out with (let alone didn't do anything with) ain't gonna take your bait on the first date.
    ... Unless she a hoe. And if she a hoe, you best get the fuck out.
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    gotta go with option A. Cant be too hard to get with his hand down her pants;)
  19. ^That could be it, although I'm just going off of what he was saying about letting him put his hands ERRYWHERE. Like, if I just wanna cuddle, generally that means arms around waists, backs, heads on shoulders, very soft and sweet stuff like that. If someone's running his hands down my thighs and everywhere else south of the border, and I'm not stopping him, that means I like where he's going.
    Then the whole "I'm shy" thing when he tried to kiss her . . . I just don't get how you're shy about a simple kiss, but his hands being all over your everything *doesn't* make you shy?
    It's just an odd situation. She could just have wanted to cuddle, but if his descriptions are accurate, she had a funny way of showing it.
  20. but cuddling usually comes with a little touching and feeling and its not like op was fingering the girl. then if you start kissing during all that touchy feely then things escalate, which she probably didn't want, or maybe she is crazy i dunno..

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