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  1. Well guys, i found out why my plant was looking so LIMP... it was because when i changed the soil, i used this NON moist soil and it looked like it was moist, but infact was dry..
    i stuck my finger as far down into the soil as i could, and it was like stickin ur finger in sand.. so i made a little hole nextto the stalk, and put like 4 peices of that DYNOMITE fert inside of it. Then filled the pocket with water.. Woke up the next day and Tadaaaaaaaaa!!! also i clipped the bottom leaves because they were a bit yellow for some reason..

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  2. I was looking at a node also, its a new one. Second one under the 1st one growing at the top and this was comming from the side of it.. Its not a Spur, because the 2 Spurs are beside that one, comming from the very corner of the node and its the only one i see so far..

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  3. here is a picture from a better side. Much clearer.

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  4. Your plant looks healthy how old is it?
  5. haha i dont know, thats the thing.. i planted it a long time ago.. im gonna say 2 maybe 3 months ago? not sure at all..i know because of the conditions it was growing in at 1st, was making the plant grow REAL SLOOOWW,now i think its catching up.. its growing by the hour, im serious. peep my previous pics i posted on another Thread.... if anyone can help.. i wanna know HOW OLD SHE LOOKS.. to the growers that read this..
  6. well im still waiting for somone to reply... if thats Ok.. IM WONDERING about those Nodes and what that could be, and if somone can estimate how old the plant is, and when i should start to flower...

    first that is a stipule right?

    but u are asking what that little growth is coming out of it???

    dont know.

    if it was a female would have been POWDER white at one time...that is how u know that its female. until then...u dont know.

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