Sharpstone V Chromium Crusher

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  1. so i have a shitty 3 piece grinder, and am thinking about upgrading. ive seen several chromium crusher and sharpstone grinders on ebay for 20 bucks. can u guys give me a comparison between the two? what are some differences in construction, quality/quality control, durability, ect. overall, which would u recomend and why?
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    I have a sharpstone it is basically as good as the 80$ Space Case... Never used a chromium.

    EDIT: Sharpstone Grinder
  3. chromium crushers are really good at first, sharp blades and everything. the only thing is it's not aluminum and it has like some metal coating on it that eventually starts to chip off. sharpstones are bomb though
  4. my friends who live together have both and the sharpstone works waaaaay better and is still doing it for just as long, i have it too and highly recommend it

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