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Sharp Crusher Grinder ??

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by Ant1k, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. I was checking Amazon... And there's a grinder called the sharp crusher grinder. It says regular $99.99 but is on sale for $9.99...

    Is this legit or what's your take on this?

    Here's the link

    [ame=http://www.amazon.com/SHARP-CRUSHER-Aluminum-Magnetic-Grinder/dp/B001I2PBL2/ref=pd_sbs_misc_1]Amazon.com: New Design 2010!! BLACK SHARP CRUSHER LARGE 4PCS Space CNC Aluminum Magnetic Pollen Herb Grinder: Arts, Crafts & Sewing[/ame]

    Is this a good grinder? For 9.99 I am really tempted to order this. Will wait for some replies first.
  2. $15 Sharp Crusher 4pc Steel + Zinc
    $18 Sharp Crusher 5 pc Steel + Zinc
    $19 Chromium Crusher 4 pc Steel + Zinc
    $30 Chromium Crusher 5 pc Steel + Zinc ---------------Titanium Crusher 4 pc Titanium
    $45 Got Vape 4 pc Titanium
    $70-90 Space Case 4 pc Titanium
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    So the main thing to watch out for here is the aluminum?

    "SHARP CRUSHER........ Specially designed by highly sophisticated C N C machines, which utilize the latest technology in processing and shaping aluminum, providing more superior grinders with practically a zero flaw rate! Contains a special teflon O ring which makes grinding even easier with absolutely no metal shavings guaranteed!"

    Are you suggesting I go with the pieces you linked over the one I linked?

    Who would pay $99.99 for this ??????
  4. Lollll

    I'm not trying to be cheap about it. The fact that it says it was $99.99 now 90% off is the main concern. Is this just an amazon selling scam to get people to THINK they're getting a good deal or whats with the original $99.99 price tag?
  5. Every store does that, it's a marketing tool depicting worth
    2pc 45mm titanium space case was 48, now 28
    2 pc 50mm titanium gotvape was 70, now 35
  6. Thanks for the responses guys. Definitely wont be buying this one.
  7. buy it, i just got it and its great and super cheap
  8. greger how is it let me know is it as bad as they all say it is
  9. Whoa who said it was bad? My buddy has one and it doesn't seem like it's so bad to me, then again I've been using a shoplifted gas station grinder hahaha. But I think that it would be worth the approximate ten dollars.
  10. the thing is it has huge fucking holes, that might not grind the weed but actually just....crush it, so fuck that. But if you say that it is all that bad then why no risk 10$ its only 10$!
  11. Hahah, funny. my friend just bought that, it works like a charm.
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    I just got it this weekend. I love it.

    *EDIT* -Oops. Actually, I got the non-aluminum one:

    THE ORIGINAL 2.5" CHROMIUM 5 PCS SHARP CRUSHER Tobacco Herb Grinder Non-Aluminum Magnetic Case (5parts) + 7 PART POLLEN PRESS + FREE POLLEN SCRAPPER

    It was 21 bucks, and came with a pollen press. You should consider this one.

    It's a nice, heavy, precision-machined hunk of metal. 2 neodymium magnets hold the top on, enough so that you can tip it upside-down and the top won't fall off unless you shake it. VERY sharp teeth, you could cut yourself if you wanted to.

    The 2 screens are the same size. I thought they would be different, but they're not, so I just keep one of them in a drawer as a spare. For small quantities like you'd use in this grinder, one screen makes perfectly good keif. No need to refine it further.

    As for those complaining that the holes are too big, you just flip it upside-down when grinding so that the weed stays in contact with the teeth instead of falling through the holes, That way you can control how finely-ground the end product is.

    The holes are just fine for normal grinding. Used right-side-up, it grinds the weed just enough to be the perfect, uniform consistency for a joint or blunt. Besides, if the holes were small, then your grinder would ONLY be able to produce a fine powder. What if you just want your weed ground, and not pulverized? You can always grind it longer upside-down as long as you wish if you want it finer.

    be sure to put a nickel or some small coin on top of the screen so when you shake it from side to side to make keif, the coin agitates the ground weed and helps push the trichs through. The little keif scraper is neat but unnecessary, you could use anything.

    The press works well too, though handles would have been nice. Hard to get a good grip for maximum compression, but it works great. It'll pop-out little pressed-keif hash pellets that look like masonite.

    There seem to be folks out there who insist that a Space Case is the only way to go, but I can't imagine it being any nicer than this one.

    I think it's a great grinder, definitely worth what I got it for. I keep holding it and taking it apart and putting it back together again. Feels great in your hand, too!
  13. yo I have a sharp crusher and it is a boss grinder, one of the best I have seen. Highly recommend it and I got mine on Amazon too haha.
  14. Are you serious? Do you actually believe anyone is going to sell a new something, anything, at 1/10 of it's worth? Ever see a TV spot for some kind of ninja food chopper for 19.99? BUT WAIT! Order now and we will DOUBLE the order and throw in the kitchen sink. A gazillion dollar value yours for the low low price of 14.99 (+ shipping and handling). Be one of the first hundred callers and we will throw in 2 round trip tickets to the moon. Yup! It's definately a 99.99 grinder that can compete with a Space Case, Mendo Mulcher and others. Buy it. Hell, get 2. You have already recieved a bunch of "yup, it's great" replys from a bunch of clowns that wouldn't know a good grinder from a grist mill stone.

    It's a 10 buck grinder, nothing more. It is not a hundred buck grinder that is being marketed for 10 bucks.
  15. That isn't a hundred dollar grinder. It's a crappy grinder =\.

    Sorry I would never use an aluminum grinder. No thank you....I don't want aluminum shavings in my bud.
  16. You also have to remember that on Amazon, most merchants choose to post a super high "regular price" and post the real regular price as the "sale price" to show immense savings.

    Go to the Mac and Cheese portion of Amazon, you'll see some boxes for $700. :p

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