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Shampoo detox....do they really work?

Discussion in 'General' started by stonerchickMEL, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Where I work, they drug test by taking a hair. I have pretty much memorized the drug test schedule, and its always right before they give out the bonuses. So what I'm wondering is if shampoo detoxs really work and what kind I should get. Money is not a factor, since I make REALLY good money.
  2. if you make really good money, how bout you just quit around the time you should and not risk it at all

    i use "the stuff" detox for my piss tests for probation and it always worked in the past.. yea well i failed my last test

    detox may work, but its not 100% fool proof

    dont risk a good job just to get high, doin that just makes you seem like an addict.. its just weed man... (edit). err, girl
  3. Skin head FTW?
  4. The detox drinks always work in my opinion,so it would be safe to say they makers of the shampoo would be following the same formula as there competitors,if they did not then chances are they would'nt be in business would they.

    Try it,it's better than not trying.
  5. Why would I quit? Wouldnt that just defeat the purpose??? I'm trying to KEEP my job, lol. Besides, everywhere pretty much drug tests these days.
  6. He means quit smoking weed, before the tests.
  7. It does'nt work like that,Marijuana stays n the hair for 20+ years If I am correct.
  8. WTF no.

    it’s possible that marijuana could be detected in hair follicles up to three years after the last time that you smoke.
  9. Well to a stoner that's a lifetime..........
  10. I usually stop smoking about 2 months prior to interviewing for new jobs, but i recently got an offer to interview for a position out of the blue. i used to work for the company so i know they do hair testing. i immediately started doing research on detox shampoos and ordered a home hair test kit to know if i should even take the job if i get it (i know a lot of people in the company so failing the drug test would be really embarrassing). i ended up buying toxin wash, although i was a little worried by all the mixed reviews online for any detox shampoo. the hair test kit i ordered (hairconfirm) said on their website that the test is not at all affected by shampoos, which further worried me.

    I had to overnight the shampoo and testing kit, so all in all it costed me about $200 for both. i followed the toxin wash directions exactly, doing the prewash (i even washed for a few days with neutrogena t-gel.. i read somewhere that it helps) and the 4 treatments over two days. i then overnighted a hair sample back to hairconfirm.

    Just to give you background on my usuage - i smoke about 5 times a week. i usually only take a hit or two from my vaporizer on weeknights to help me fall asleep. I smoke a bowl pack or two on the weekends. i also take a few loritabs on the weekends (maybe about 5-10 a week) when i go out. im about 6'2'', normal weight, and exercise (cardio) about 3 times a week which speeds up metabolism some. My hair is about 1.5 inches, so it should reflect about 3 months of usage.

    Anyways, i just got my hairconfirm results back and they were negative for THC and positive for hydrocodone. The hydrocodone levels were very close to the cutoff level, so im hoping that if i get the job offer this week, i can get one last haircut next week before the real test and pass it fully. at least i wont feel as embarrassed if i fail for loritabs.
  11. What shampoo did you use?
  12. The OP of this thread has not been active in a few years man...Remember to check dates;)
  13. :laughing:
  14. What are these places that do hair testing? Can you at least say what industry it's in? Hair testing is scary.
  15. god damnit i hate when people bump old threads

  16. That's an odd thing to let get to you.
  17. :laughing:

    Only got to 'em cos he got doofed into replying to a three year old convo:p
  18. Happens to the best of us.
  19. Not like I'm flipping out here. It's just annoying.

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