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shall we bake?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Oct 14, 2002.


Who loves baking out cars?

  1. I DO I DO!!!

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  2. HELL NO!!!

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  3. eh... either way...

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  1. just wonderin' if anyone out there loves baking out cars as much as i do??? :) :) :)
  2. i take it u mean hot-boxing inside of a car and if that's the case hell yeah my buddy has a brokrn down car in front of his house we nicknamed it the
    cause we'd toke fo real
    we hot-boxed it so many times i bet you could scrape resin off the windows
  3. we hotbox my friend's ride all the time. weird thing happens though. a few months ago, my friend drew a face on the window, the whole front windshield. Now it appears to be gone, but everytime we smoke, the face returns. some freaky shit, especially when high.
  4. Yeah man, thats where marijuana memories are made.
  5. Cars are fun, but until you hot box inside a closed cardboard box, you havent seen shit
  6. well guess i was jus one short, i hot boxed my closet.
  7. We clam baked my homies car so many times the widows did get all resinated, it got pretty yellowy orange after a while and let me tall you that was a bitch to clean ;)
  8. xplicit's car after a hotbox session


    my legs jus went numb
  9. lol. lately me and my boy have been baking my car. it doesn't move... just kinda sits in the driveway (it runs, but i need to put some work into it before it'll be allowed on the street). yesterday was fun... we got some really good skunks, and baked out the car twice... man... it was insane! lol
  10. In england, the McDonalds in most major towns have peeps hotboxin outside them :D

    I've never hotboxed a car (it's a sort of fantasy :D ), but I've hotboxed my wardrobe and my friend's room before.

    My brother came in after a night of stonage and he just collapsed :D
  11. I have hotboxed moving cars probably a few too many times. I live in the sticks of northern NY, so there are plenty of old dirt roads to take a ride on.
    My friends and I have hotboxed the car so bad we literally cant see through the windshield, but were still driving.
    Oh well, if i die, i suppose ill toke a bowl with Jesus. Im sure he's got heavenly shit!!!
  12. --------------------------------------------------------------------
    Originally posted by smallwonder
    Oh well, if i die, i suppose ill toke a bowl with Jesus. Im sure he's got heavenly shit!!!

    I'm not alittle church boy or anything, i just wouldn't be saying things like that

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