shall i smoke weed and risk it?

Discussion in 'General' started by jackarmy, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. We do random drug tests in work but I really need something to calm me down I am going absalutely mental and its getting worse and worse,

    So if you dont want to read all of below- Shall I smoke weed -only when wound up and risk my job?- I could get another 1 yeah but im on a apprentiship and its a very good money job.

    Or shall I carry on being wound up and up, not having anything to calm me down and break a few more things worth a couple of £100 pound and damage my hands even more

    (it says this at the bottom to-just incase you dont want to read it all)
    Punched a hole in my door, punching walls, kicking walls or lamposts etc out of temper or being wound up, hitting scaffholding bars in work. its endless

    To much on my mind cant get to sleep till 2am ish, get up 4 40am for work, 5 20 we leave arrive work 6 40ish, start 7am finish 5pm, get home 6 30 ish.

    Things wind me up so easy, absalutely anything.
    I have missed 3 days of work last week cause I was ill and I didnt go in today because my alarm didnt go of somehow unless i was to tired to hear it.

    So tonight I told my mum to book me my driving course so I can learn to drive, my dad comes in the room dont do this do this do this-when I want to do what I want to do. So i get pissed of we argue I tell him everytime he comes in the room we argue I eventually go upstairs and yes hit the wall and throw my toothbrush at the wall-now i cant find it :D..

    My mum calls me back down, I tell her what I want her to do, IN HE COMES AGAIN , i freak as when i go back upstairs he starts talking about me behind my back quietly to my mum, I end up punching my laptop(old one when just fixing it) the screen cracks now its fucked and only some dodgy colours come on looking like a smashed windows.

    I go out , them trying to ring me ring ring ring ring ring ring ring.

    Thats just some of today, and even for football matches we could win 5-1 or something and id still be pissed of.

    Shall I risk buying some weed and smoking it-and risk my job, seeing as I am not allawed to grow it and rarely have a puff or 2 to calm me down when wound up?

    Or shall I carry on being wound up and up, not having anything to calm me down and break a few more things worth a couple of £100 pound and damage my hands even more

  2. I was about to not read the whole thing as you said, but damn man....

    you ever thought about therapy? I don't think cannabis will help rage or breaking things. You certainly need to solve your own problems and issues first. Mary Jane can't help solve them, but she may give you insight how to do so.

    I would recommend you get some help and talk to someone first. Don't risk your job. :wave:
  3. dude those random drug tests jobs are fuckin gay
    i'll smoke whatever i want and not give a shit what they say
    if u impress boss mostly time then who gives a fuck, just go and smoke!
  4. so theres nothin else besides weed you could use to "calm you down" huh... have a couple shots or somethin dude, why risk your job when your still an apprentice.. and pretty soon after smokin just to calm down your gonna wanna "calm down" all the time n when the DT comes around u'll be fucked, well not for the first one, u'll have the option of getting fired or going to rehab

    why does everyone rely on drugs to fix their problems these days, whatever happened to coping skills, it seems people dont posess them anymore, drugs are the only way people know how to cope with shit
  5. So you are running around punching holes in your parents walls, and breaking things worth alot of money? I wouldnt blame your dad for yelling at you. You sound like a little punk. Grow the fuck up, and stop acting like a baby throwing a fit. Grown ups can controll their emotions without resorting to childish antics. Move the fuck out if you dont like the way your dad runs his house.
  6. couldnt say it better my self..

    but seriously stop punching thins & grow up ridiculous :mad:
  7. i wish dr luara was a blade and she could make this kid cry.
  8. Why is this even a thread. Are you fucking retarded or something. First of all get some fucking repsect for your parents. Second of all only you can decide if smoking weed is worth losing your job. And if your that wound up go see a fucking shrink.
  9. i find it amazing the ammount of people that will mouth of over the internet

    why dont you go mouth to someone like that in the street instead of hiding behind your computer screens you pair of tossers? fuck off

    ta for the proper replys

  10. Oh but I do, I call out stupidity anywhere anytime. If no one told you that you were acting childish, you would never take notice. Thus you would continue on in your self diluted world, smashing your parents property, breaking expensive electronics and whatnot. People wont show you respect in life, if you do not act in a respectful manner.

    Oh and buddy....I am the streets haha. Runnin shit :devious:
  11. take up drinking
  12. Smoke weed mane, just dont get hurt at work and they MAYBE wont drugtest ya.
  13. Doesnt seem worth it to me..
  14. well i dont have a clue what to do

    3-4 puffs-be enough to cool me down? only for emergencys not all the time.
    depends how long them puffs will stay in my system though. wont know

  15. :hello::hello::hello:

  16. co-sign

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