Shakira - She Wolf

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  1. I'm sure a good amount of you had heard this song by now since radio stations seem to play it almost non-stop. I enjoyed the song and found it quite catchy (Weird since it is not my prefered type of music.) I finally decided to see if there was a video. The video officially ruined the song for me. Yes, she is dressed all sexy and such, but the dance moves themselves I felt to be very stupid looking and they did not at all flow with the music. I must say, this was a good song before I saw the video.

    Link: [ame=""]Shakira - She Wolf[/ame]
  2. Ha, i agree completely, I'm not a fan of Shakira or another of those Madona-esk artist, but i do find this song pretty good, but the music video is completely nonsense and i mean nonsense in every sense of the word
  3. I think Shakira is a very beautiful woman, but she just seems to use those skimpy outfits in an attempt to make up for her bad choreography. I mean, there is a mix of the robot, contortion, flopping fish, and exorcism in her dancing. I also don't get why she is dancing inside of a kidney.
  4. The song wasn't half bad

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