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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Potentcy, May 11, 2011.

  1. Yo here's what's goin down. I'm making a fuck ton of cannabutter.
    In my town I get 1/4's of dro for 60. Just wondering, how much should a ounce of shake be.

  2. If you divide 60 by the height of your house , thats how much.

    Fuck this question man
  3. Ask someone who sells it...?
  4. simple math...
  5. Aww cmon now. I don't smoke shake. lmfao how should I know what a fair deal is.
  6. ask your dealer lol
  7. Lol @ "dro"

    You should be getting a good deal on it I would imagine, I mean your Canada, it cant be that expensive.

    I've never fucked with shake. Ask a fellow Canadian.
  8. I can get an oz for $300 for bomb dank buds and I paid 150 for an oz of super dank shake (quality shake-broken off nugs, not leaves)
  9. If you pay $200 for an oz of buds you should try to get the shake for $100.
  10. Yep just talked to me dealer. Ounce of shake for 100.
  11. You don't think I get a q of dro for 60?
    You must have lived in the US you're whole life. I guess inflation down there effects weed prices too, EH?
  12. I think he's laughing at the fact that you used 'dro' to speak about the quality of weed.
  13. ^^^ bingo
  14. I remember that kid who said he gets good outdoor dro. I mean I guess you can grow hydro out doors but I can't imagine it's too common.
  15. 60 a q isn't that great. I can get an ounce of high grade dispensary bud for 200.
  16. Same, Oh how i love California. And growers.
  17. I'm in Canada and the most I pay for an ounce of shake is 60.
    Best of luck.
  18. DUDE do not do it.
    a half o of some killer shiet would be muuch better.
    Just my opinion.
  19. DRO = HyDROponics were used to grow the marijuana. Doesn't mean shit about quality

  20. When I saw the number of 306, at first I thought it said 306 other people liked it. haha.

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