shade leaves??

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  1. my plants are 22cm heigh at 14 days old, they are quite bushy and the big sun leaves are shading all the new growth on the lower section of the plant ,i know they will fall of when they need to but im wondering if i should snip them off to promote better growth down lower. im growing indoors in perlite with 4 400w hps lamps, any info regarding this topic would be much appreciated!
  2. No dont cut off the sun leaves, they store nutrients and energy for the plant. With 4 x 400 watt hps I find it hard too see how there is shady spots on a 14 inch plant if the lights are placed correctly. make sure the lights are spaced evenly that should help you out!!

  3. thanks for the info ontario, i'll take your advise, and i think i'll move my lights around. this is my first indoor attempt and all the help i can get makes it easier, but so far so good!!!
  4. Also, you could try tieing your plants down to increase the amount of light available to the lowers of your plant, this way, you wont be stressing it too much as you would if you cut off its leaves. Look on overgrow for more info on tying.

    Take care.
  5. How many plants and in what space??
  6. three plants in room that messures 6feet heigh 8feet long 6feet wide
  7. I have to agree with ontariobud, i think 4 x 400 watt is too many lights, what is the temperature in the room? Ideally needs to be around 70/80 F, but they cannot be suffering from a lack of light!
    I can e-mail a growing guide if you would like? let me know ok.
    good luck

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