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sgw waffle perc vs. syn fullsize showerhead vs syn double showerhead tall boy

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by pburnit420, May 3, 2012.

  1. help im going to buy a new tube and im stuck between these i want an everday driver and im probaly going to get some sort of a/c for it. i want a smooth tube that stacks bubbles but still keeps flavor kind of alot to ask

    I would go with the waffle perc.
  3. thats what i was thinkin bout im pretty much narrowed it down to that or the syn full size showerhead the waffle is just kinda short for my liking
  4. If its a "drive around" bong then you dont want any percs, in the car is how i broke three of my perc bongs, any bump you got over is enough to break those damn percs
  5. its not gunna be a drive around bong its never gunna leave my house i meant a bong to smoke out of every day
  6. If you want flavor then you want a smaller bong. High Priority Glass has the best selection ive ever seen.
  7. so the sgw waffle seems to be a better choice

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