SGW Waffle or Showerhead -- Worth the extra $50? Opinions!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Romain, May 26, 2010.

  1. So I'm getting a new pipe

    I'm stuck between the SGW Waffle Straight Tube ($290) or the SGW Reverese Showerhead/Circulator ($250) Straight Tube.

    Both are similar in the heigh. Both flat bottoms.

    Is the Waffle worth the extra $40?

    Thanks for the tips guys :smoke:
  2. Waffle imo, You didn't like your Everest though?

  3. No, I loved it! But I just decided I liked the straight bottom better for whatever reason.
  4. Waffle percs clog very easily unless you have a a/c because of the tiny holes. I was in the same situation as you and I ended up going with the shower head perc (different brand though).

  5. I actually got the prices and models a little mixed.

    Fucking ffuuuuccckk everytime I want to pick up something it goes Out of stock. God dammit.
  6. waffle percs do not clog very easily lol, the only downside to the waffle is the fact that the water gets dirty as fuck quickly as fuck, so you need to replace the water after 4-5 snaps or your gonna deal with a pretty high level of viscosity for it being water..

    what happens is the resin from the smoke makes the water sticky, making the smoke get trapped in bubbles that didnt pop so you have to let the bubbles settle back down then clear the remaining smoke it really is not much but a slight inconveneience..

    but when the water gets dirty the bubbles stack almost to the top of the tube which is bad because then they pop up there and you get more splashback... when the water is clean there are none of these problems...

    so yes an A/C will help this problem a great bit, i dont know about the showerhead though...

    flip a coin the $50 difference doesn't matter

  7. Thanks for the help! I'm going to go with the Showerhead. I like the shape of the tube at the bottom better, plus I can get it taller and cheaper than the Waffle.
  8. yea and im pretty sure, with the showerhead, you dont actually have to fill the water above the perc... because whne you pull on it, the water will come through the stemless and add to the volume of water in the tube itself... understand?? so pulling the tube also pulls the water over the perc itself

  9. Gotcha, have fun with your new tube :smoking: I'm looking for a good single chamber as well, but I won't be ready to buy for at least another 2 weeks. :(It's waffle vs. full size SYN showerhead for me.
  10. How does the SG Stemline compare to the SGW tubes you're talking about? I'm thinking about getting it and just want to compare.

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