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SGW Recycler/Recirculator

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Dabbed, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. My new love.

    It should be legal to marry glass.



  2. Looks pretty fancy. I like it, a bit fragile though. I would end up breaking it. Take care of her and she will gladly take care of you though :) Stay high
  3. Looks nice man. Post up a milk vid!
  4. Thats super dope!! Thats gotta hit amazing.
  5. whgat's the purpose of a recycler
  6. Looks thin and would scare me to own but I bet it tastes great!

  7. Not sure how the taste or diffusion is personally, but it looks scientific and cool as fuck to watch it in action :smoke:
  8. It's not thin guys haha, it's just a half bong half bubbler. the actual can is 5mm and the rest of the parts are smaller bore (for a bubbler) it's completely sturdy. there's multiple reinforcements everywhere. and if you've hit a StoneGlassWorks bubbler you would know they aren't thin.

    The point is the diffusion pointing upwards the diffusion can goes up, into smaller bubbles, along with the smoke to spin in the chamber (Kind of like how some of the percs on the Hamm Auto-Bong functioned) making a whirlpool effect, bringing the smoke down along that and through it once more, the diffusion is amazing as well as the flavor (Because of the bore size)

    Just thought I should make it clear, a 1000$ piece isn't going to be thin shitty welded china glass. I have my trust in this piece, I'm not someone who goes and drops heady glass.

    www.stoneglassworks.com if you're interested in checking out more of there work.
  9. It does, thanks man :smoke:

  10. you spent a grand on that?
  11. #11 Dabbed, Oct 4, 2012
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    No need to hate because you don't appreciate the finest glass available.

    FYI there's people all around the U.S. trying to snag these for a even higher price from SGW and can't even get one. Only 20 even exist. These are not easy to make, but yes they COST a grand if not more at lowest retail but im good friends with the glassblowers so I don't pay full price.
  12. hahahahahahahha nice edit
  13. got a little mad at first I thought you said that a completely different way, as in "you paid a grand for that piece of ****" haha

  14. no worries dude, and no i don't sit in my backyard smoking blunts solely because i listen to odd future.

    i own a mobius strato matrix with an sg 180 gridded downstem and a ben wilson slyme dd slide. also got an apix kingstem on the way

  15. Sorry for stereotyping but that's how it is over here in socal, lol.. I had a chance to trade a piece for a matrix once, how's it hit?

    I owned a apix kingstem too, there pretty awesome. I've seen his new work and it's really damn clean, lol sorry for my comment about that. dabs can get to ya
  16. haha i hear ya man i completely understand. i love my matrix but i'm real excited for this kingstem, like you said his newer work is really clean.

    p.s. be thankful you have dabs to hit! i'm out here in Cincinnati and i hardly run across any type of concentrate like that.
  17. are you able to record/post a vid? would like to see that in action

  18. You put a gridded downstem in a mobius strato matrix bub?? lol.
  19. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NdLWXRbnwQ]16" Mobius Strato with the Matrix Perc MILK - YouTube[/ame]

    They make mobius straight tubes as well.
  20. Forgot about that one. nevamindddddd.

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