SGW inverted showerhead tube, on its way.

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  1. OK so I ordered a sick Stone Glass Works inverted shower head tube off ALT on Tuesday and it will be here tomorrow. I really exited about this bong because it will be my first high end nice bong. I love the blue dots all around the show head part, it seems unique because Ive never seen a SGW bong like it.


    ohhhh yah:eek:


    I has a cool matching bowl also.

    Ill post up pics and a milk vid tomorrow when it arrives:p
    Im thinking on getting a worked royal ice pinch slide in the near future...

    cant fucking wait.:bongin:
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  2. I'm getting one as well!

    Does anyone notice how ALT doesn't answer their emails? I've sent so many and haven't gotten any response And what's the point of Online Live Chat if no one ever is there?
  3. They are most likely busy ripping bongs nicer than any most stoners will even lay eyes on. :smoking:
  4. wow wow wow. its got that 'hot chick in a black dress' simple and sexy vibe going on
  5. ive emailed twice and they responded to me both times.
  6. yeah so simple but yet so amazing. It should be arriving later today.
  7. waiting for ups sucks lol.
  8. Yeah it does. Im checking the door like every 20 minutes:rolleyes:
  9. check your spam folder
  10. Crazy tube dude, be sure and get milks up.
  11. just tried looking up alt and ended up on some wierd sex site. link anyone
  12. Sick tube! Ill be here anticipating the milk shot(s)! :bongin:
  13. Yeah it finally came and hits like a champ.



    Ill get a milk vid up later when I get more weed later today.
  14. Nice!! Im happy for you man, thats a dope glass piece! great buy!!
  15. She is pretty!!

    Is this shower-head a new deal or something? I never heard about it years ago.
  16. I don't know how long the inverted shower head has been around for. I think its fairly new but SGW newest type of diffusion is there waffle tube, but I deiced on the shower head because it was 50$ cheaper then the all clear waffle and I herd the waffle can have some problems clogging after heavy use.

    Man do I love this bong:cool:

  17. you heard wrong my friend. I own a waffle tube and never ever ever ever ever did I have a problem with it clogging. Ever. Never even comes close.
  18. that things mint dude

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