SG stemline to 12arm VS Peyote Pillar

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  1. i'm trying to decide between these two SGs but need some help

    What do you personally thing better? I've read Pillars retain flavor better but not sure

    if you had a choice would you get pillar or stemline to 12 arm?
  2. I would get the 12 arm but thats just me
  3. ive had a peyote pillar and right now i have a stemline to 8 arm. i like the looks of my stem 8 better, but hit wise the pillar is definantly better. the pillar is more chuggy, and the stem 8 is more airy but a little with a little smoother hit. pillar has like 3x the taste imo.
  4. how much are the stemline/12 running? unworked?

    it kinda depends on the hit you want and price, id imagine the stemline 12 would be pretty dragless, airy and smooth, but i know the pillar will have alot more flavor, ive only hit the 4 arm pillar so i cant speak for the peyote
  5. this was $565
  6. word, can you do anymore price checks in your databases:D
  7. 12 arm, that's what I would choose, looking to get one in the future :D
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    the peyote-12 arm fyc - electroflorumed/rusted-calcium-abandoned-pool-pipe-dimethyl-triphosphate-scientific-beaker JP Snic Sling = $10,000
    the original post got repped by teh modzors: Ak Infinity (goes cpl pgs back
  9. to be honest, id never buy that, not my thing. id rather buy 10 pillars, just to always hit a different one. but that would just be crazy
  10. [​IMG]+[​IMG]=[​IMG]
  11. ahh that luke wilson colab (cant remember who it was with) is sooo fucking sexy.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. haha elks that run? i think your thinking of the SGW collabs
  14. [​IMG]

  15. fucking sickness

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