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  1. I can't even beat the first person on easy in arcade mode. This is bullshit. I want a button that jumps! not a fucking dpad up. This game BLOWS! I can't even hit a fucking person. Too far away, come on!

    I regret it for buying it, I should of bought fallout 3. :mad::(:mad::mad::mad:
  2. lol dam i thought this game is awesome
    have you played any of the old street fighters?
    try starting with ryu or ken, using the fireballs and uppercuts and whatever, their usually the easiest to learn first
  3. Dude, it's street fighter, it's one of the hardest games known to man, you should had realized that when you bought it.
  4. Now, i'm starting to hang of it..... I just found out there is even more easy mode called easiest! I still get my butt kicked. So far, I like viper. She quick and have sick moves.

    I used to play SF when I was little kid, I used to be good at it. It been 10 years since I played it. so.
  5. memorize the combos.
  6. I am.... The last boss is impossible! SO CHEAP, using same move over and over again. Once you beat him the first part, the 2nd part is even more bullshit!

    You have to have the arcade control. it much easier but FUCK that, I'm ain't paying 50 bucks for a control just for one game.
  7. this game is fucken sick i already got akuma.
  8. Man, my buddy bought that game the day it came out. Me, him and two other dudes sat there playing the game for about 7 hours straight just on versus mode. Whenever I played the older games I'd always get my ass kicked but on this one I won 16 fights in a row. They said they were trying to learn the buttons, I told them I was just trying to win the fights. They called me a button masher. But boy was I whoopin' ass. Earlier today we were doin' the arcade mode and it is pretty hard. The harder you play the harder the computer plays it seems. Pretty good game though...
  9. i hate seth on any difficulty, hes near impossible. I was able to beat the game on the hardest difficulty, without using continues, with one character though. I dont remember how i exactly did it( :bongin::smoking:) but i was able to do it lol

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