Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mmmmgood422, Jul 28, 2003.

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  1. who else here loves it? I DO!!!! i just had sex for 2 and a half hours and i feel so great its really like being high i sware. i ran out of pot :-( if it wasnt for sex id be in the middle of the street crying.
  2. So does my girlfriend!!!
  3. Shoutout to sex baby! Though I haven\'t had any in waaaay too long.....
  4. sexxx is great.... nothin better then gettin togeather with your favorite gettin down an dirty....
  5. Sex is great!!!!! But she had better not put that hot milk in my cheerios!!
  6. lol or my cap n\' crunch...

    Sex is how I survive without smokin bud everyday, gotta girlfriend who I just got back together with a few nights ago and yeah i\'m happy to be back in business ya know?

  7. hahahahaha lmfao!!!
  8. Yea...thats kinda nasty...your all gonna have to leave kiddin...dont listen to the drunk shut up now...
  9. i love sex! ive never had any yet, but i must say im a big fan of the idea ;)
  10. LOL

    it atually took me some time to recover from this one.
  11. sex is great. especially on days like today ;)
  12. I don\'t agree sex is kewl everyday
  13. except maybe when you\'re single..

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