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Sexual content!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. its threads like this that keep me comin back to the city..


    am a lesbian..fully and completely and i love lesbian who wants to come on over to beaver lick and get baptized

  2. Being a freak can be a good thing though!!!!! It makes for interesting memories to relish on in the future. Freaky, kinky........damn, it has to be better than my sex life at this present moment!!!!!!!!!

  3. not naccisarily cause she hasn't called me a freak yet

  4. LMAO now thats what i'm saying!!!!!!
  5. I'm a male lesbian too.
    2 and a half hours? Can you say "Blue Balls"?
  6. not blue balls...big gigantic puddle of love juice most likely
  7. lol you don,t have to hold out that long..............just not finish the love making...........
  8. can rabbits be homosexual?

    If anything I may not last a long time in one sitting but I recover quickly.

    Quantity not quality I guess.

    These big teeth tend to be a problem for a few reasons though.

    damn it, I had this cool ascii bunny thing made out of text just for this but it takes all the spaces out when I post it, oh well, maybe I can find a way to put it in my sig
  9. if I had a rabbit, it be gay allright. munchin away..

  10. LOL...........I knew you would say something like that. Thanks, thats the first time I've smiled all day long!!!! LOL.
    But I had a rabbit once and it was gay so yes, rabbits can be homosexual!!!!! LOL.
  11. I had a rabbit named Yenko and I had his ballsies cut off. Rabbits with balls that don't get any get mean and frustrated. I think I turned him into a homosexual bunny rabbit by doing that to him. But he was still a cool bunny!!!! And.....he was a stoner bunny...I MISS HIM!
  12. blnkboi has a cat that likes to smoke weed..she reaches and inhales and such, i am stoned right now, i have much to say, but little coordination to type it with..let me begin

    rabbits like carrots, they eat them, to them, they are good.
    i like weed, i smoke weed, to me, weed is good.

    i now conclude whatever this was.
  13. Norm...all I have to say is....
  14. ROTFLMFAO @ Mrs. D
  15. muy bien..
  16. I think the funny part is she saved that picture of your ass ;)
  17. no, the funny part is that mr dingusus put the carrot there...that means he stared at my ass for minutes on end while graphically putting things in my butt.
  18. Norm...this might scare you, but we edited the picture together.......

    So I also spent several minutes examining your ass and the appropriate angle for said carrot......

    Nice ass Norm!

  19. I wouldn't want to stare at your ass that long. It would mkae me go blind
  20. well...i guess it could be worse

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