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Sexual content!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. If a man is a lesbian, does that make him gay???

    And why would it??????
  2. What about being stoned while doing lesbian acts? Would that make a differance?
  3. I personally believe that all men are just lesbians trapped in men's bodies!!!!!!! LOL. Whether that makes them gay or not is up to each person's interpretation.

    Stoned, lesbian acts...........I have a few stories I could tell on that but thats not really the point of this thread.

    Bud Head, you are either really bored and stoned tonight or you have had yourself a lesbian experience!!!!!!!! LOL.
  4. I is stoned! I have had alot of lesbian experiences! I will have more!

    Not really bored just doing some thinking!!!!!!!!

    All men should have strong lesbian ties! I for one love being a lesbian, but I love women and giving the women a good F"ing as well!

    Maybe I need a good woman too share my expertise with!!!
  5. i think im confused...i dunno. i do know im a lessssssssssssbian. that is all i know. thank you.
  6. Am I just sober, or is thread confusing the hell out of me??
  7. With me you can get the best of both worlds!!!!!!!!!

  8. The best of both arent u just a little full of yourself here lately!!!!!!!! LOL. But if you are as good as you say you are then I shall have to personally test you out and maybe (just maybe) pitch my vibrators for awhile!!!!!!!! LOL.
  9. I have only two complaints in my sexual association with women.

    One was asking for the favor to be returned....

    The other? Well lets say I do have staying power and she said she was getting sore......

    I just can't win for loosing.

  10. Well, I don't know what kind of women you have been messign around with. Us southern women know how to please a man and we take much pleasure in it!!!! It's personally the biggest turn-on for me to give a guy a blow job but thats just me. I've always liked it.......its like a tootsie pop but instead of gum, you get a cream filling!!!! LOL

    And my biggest complaint is that I can never find a man that can go long enough to satisfy me. Most think that 45 minutes is a record or something!!!!!!!! Please, my vibrators can go all night long or until the batteries go dead!!!!!!! LOL. But honestly, I've never had a guy that could actually give me an orgasm. Isn't that awful?????????
  11. Hahhahahaaha I wish i was closer to you. Not all women around here refuse to give head. Not all said I took to long. But most all (95%) had a great orgasm one way or another!

    At times I have to take a break. I still end up satisfying the woman i'm with! Longest i've ever gone was about 2 and a half hours. The least was at least 30 min! On average about 1 hour.......

  12. I was thinking he was way over-confident in his sexual skills but you never know what a man has going on. He's still a Mr. Braggy Pants, though.
  13. you see the title sexual content I guess you get what you deserve when you look it up.....this was not what I was expecting...

    I am straight, but my mum's a lesbian, and I think she's the bomb....

    Have a lot of male gay friends too, they're great to shop with and bitch about boyfriends to, but that's bout it....comes time to take out the trash and they don't wanna get their manicure messed up! LOL

    As for stamina...well, that all depends on the stimulants! in thigh highs....oops! did I say that out loud?
  14. Bud Head? What the hell? "If a man is a lesbian, does that make him gay?" You are such a freak!

    The answer is NO, damn it! In fact, if you have another question, the answer is NO to that one, too!
  15. Shut him right the hell up, didn't she!?!?
  16. Well, I didn't pay too much attention to him the first time through...then I reread his post...he's a freak!

    I love the freak...but he's a freak none the less.
  17. I have to agree.............but aren't we all freaks - one way or the other?
  18. Oh hell yeah...I'm a freaky fruitcake!!!!!!!
  19. A FREAK??????? A FUCKING FREAK? Can't you come up with something better thant that??????

    Every time i make you horny and you don't get satisfied you call me a freak! Damnit! I guess I'll have to get my ass up there and get you off! LMAO

    I will reframe from bragging as soon as someone can prove that i'm not telling the truth.

    I wouldn't lie to ya'll ever. Ya'll my pot buddies!
  20. well to be honest i don't know if i'm straight or not . but to answer your question bud, i would have to say no. a guy can not be a lesbian becuase he is a guy! the end.

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