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sexual bets?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by TokinBro, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So last night me and these girls had a bet on who was the best kisser :D. The loser had to go skinny dipping. Tonight is the same thing, loser has to skinny dip, but what should the bet be? I need ideas.
  2. How about you add alcohol and MJ to the party and make it a fun orgy!
  3. best massager is always a good opener. Massage any part of the body and whoever sucks must go dipping.
  4. best at sex? this is too easy
  5. lmfao, this really is too easy

    whoever is the worst at foreplay must get anal. (you better work it)
  6. you shouldn't be allowed to decide. you might be bias.
    you should set up a web cam and have us vote.

    If i'm not having sex i might as well be watching someone else do it.
  7. Agreed. Whatever outcome ends in you getting anal OP.

    EDIT: By getting anal, I don't mean receiving. I mean obtaining anal status by penetrating well, the anus.
    EDIT #2: One of their anuses.
  8. u get to have sex with the girl who gets you to cum fastest using only her mouth
  9. If you have to ask...
  10. Best one at going down on the other
  11. lol this one this one
  12. pictures or it didnt happen
  13. isn't this section called apprentice TOKERS?

    This thread is not related to toking.
  14. #14 TagOverFonda, Aug 3, 2011
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    Ur silly

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