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  1. High all,
    I finally have the basic idea of growing but i cant seem to find much info on sex.(lol)
    Why are female plants better than male?
    Do both plants produce buds? <---------(i was told males dont)
    Can a male plant be smoked?
    Can a herm be smoked?
    i know these are probably stupid Q's but the only stupid Q is the one not asked!
    any help would be deeply appreciated,
    Over and Out!

  2. okay...
    Female plants are better than males because they dont work on producing seeds n stuff when male plants are around, so u want to get rid of the male plants u get, but yes they still make bud but just not as much THC and they can make ur females worse if around them. n you dont want to smoke the whole plant, just the buds, herms u want to get rid of aswell they will make seeds by themselves.
  3. Greetings fellow celt. I have tried smoking male"bud" and frankly, in comparison to proper female bud, it is not worth the effort.If you had only one plant and it was a hermy, it might only have a few male flowers which could be removed. As long as you had no true females to worry about being pollinated by any male flowers you might have missed, the female flowers left on the herm would make keeping the plant alive worthwhile.
    Also worth bearing in mind is that if only a couple of male flowers are overlooked in a mainly female garden, the females are liable to be seeded to some degree but not so heavily as to spoil your crop.
    If anybody out there knows better, then please correct me.
  4. That is exactly wot i needed to know, Thanks for the info guys
    I just love this forum, every1 helps each other out anyway they can, and if u dont understand sumthing, sum1 always explains it for you,
    Just goes to show cannabis smokers are friendly, sociable people.
    Well thats enough
    Over and Out!
  5. yepyep, anytime, I like helpin growers out, helps to fight to legalize it in a way

    any q's n im here :p

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