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  1. I have 6 plants, and i want to sex them (putting 12/12 light sched). how long does it take to see signs of male/female? am i looking at a couple days? a week? 2 weeks?
  2. sry guys, i didnt take time to look up the search, and i got my answer, sorry for wasting some1s time lol.
  3. so how long is it. Mine have been under that schedule for a a couple days and I think I can see a few females but not sure
  4. i was reading that some of the males appear within a week or so and the females withing 2-2 1/2 weeks. i figure after a week when the males r prevelant that i would just get rid of those, and hopefully assume the rest were females. how far along r ur plants? how tall r they?
  5. usually your males will show first,,,,it will be a pod,, if this pod detaches itself from the plant to where it is connected,,to the plant by a very little stem it is a male,,,,,anything else may be a female,,just look for the 2 white hairs,,,right at the node that will be a sure sign of a female,,, you can p.m. me on any questions until your fully sexed,,, and ill try to help you out,,,it is tricky,,,,being in constant survey of them,,,a pollen pod may look as a young ovary would,,,,,,,:D
  6. i just started the early sexing today, so hopefully in a week i can pick out the males and get rid of them and have like 2 females in my box
  7. ill take some current pics when i can get a digital camera again...

    they are about about 12" but i LSTed them

    I started flowering 3 days ago
  8. No selling or selling advice here.

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