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  1. I am currently on my first grow and have recently successfully identified the sexes of my plants.
    Everyone was very helpful in my grow journal so i have decided to give something back to the MJ growing community.
    These are the diagrams i found useful for sexing plants.


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  2. Feel free to ask any questions.:smoking::smoking::smoking:
    Checkout my grow journal.
  3. My link on sexing may be a little clearer.
  4. Balls. Can't find em. Mine are 71 days since germinating, 12 nodes high, 38 inches. (Sounds like a singles ad)- Anyhow, the tops are asymetrical, and I can't see sex. If I go 12/12, then I can't clone, so do I take clones anyway and mark them now, or should I wait until I see sex? Thanks in advance for any help!:hello:

  5. You should keep your plants in a vegetive state, and take clones. Then put the clones in 12/12 cycle the clones will shown signs of sex within a week or 2. The clones will not be big enough to support bud they will only be used to determine the sex the mother plant.

    Hope this helps:smoking: good luck.
  6. Will do it-thanks! I am buying DVDs, books etc. and trying to learn, and still find myself ignorant, Can't I just 12/12 my plants and watch them closely, or is it too easy to miss a male's propagation time?
  7. i second that.

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