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  1. I have several plants growing now. One has been vegging for about 2 months. One about a month and a half, and two at almost a month. I'm still vegging all of them, but several of them have white hairs coming out all over the place. One though has no hairs...just small spikey "leaves" coming out where the hairs or pods should be.

    Is this one definately a male, and are the others definately females?
  2. The spiky things sounds like preflowers that are not showing sex yet, but that description is a bit vague. White hairs is a sign of females, but again going on your description. Post pics of all for confirmation.

    One possible reason for not seeing the same stage of flowering is the different lengths of veg. At one month veg you typically would not see sex showing itself during all veg cycle lighting.

    If you are growing all under the same light and/or in the same grow space then you need to wait to flip to flower until the last one is ready.
  3. White hairs.... Sometimes Side nodes(stems that errupt from fan leaf pits) look like tiny white or light green hairs. They are actually a set of leaves that will grow a side node. 3 months is pretty late for those though...... Show us a picture, that would help.

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