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  1. I'm a new grower and don't understand, is the Male plant bad to have around? Need some help trying to figure what's male or Female? Here are 2 pictures One I think is the Female and the other I think is a male?

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  2. there is only one picture. The picture you have posted is most definately female. If you want to send the second picture just reply to your own post and add another pic. Having a male around your female is bad because it can polinate the female and turn it male. The pic you sent looks good. How long has it had white hairs and what strain is it?
  3. well dammn, that looks pretty femenine to me...
  4. Here is the 2nd Picture.....I didn't know how to post far as what strain it is...I don't have a clue, the seeds were given to me by a friend, who didn't believe I could grow anything....Showed him didn't I....hahaha...

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  5. ok the first one without a doubt is a fem..thesecond one is without a doubt a very masculine male...keep it away form the female plant, and if I were you I'd just harvest its fan leaves for some shitty to mid grade shwag...good for cooking also...
  6. white hairs = female big spdea balls = male... just look for taht

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