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  1. I always use a condom but today neither of us had one. I pulled out before i could feel it coming and i came on her stomach. All seemed good to me, and i went home. Then i started thinking i've never NOT used one before and now i'm scared she's gonna get preggo. Not really concerned about STDs as she hasn't had sex with too many people and she always uses condoms. How concerned about getting her preggo? I deff am not ready to be a father nor do i wanna be a father to her baby. :( I know girls can only get preggo like 30 days out of the year or something like that so that's kinda comforting to know, i just feel like i'm alone in this situation because most people i know always use condoms.

    tl/dr anyone have sex without condoms?
  2. Is she on birth control? If not, then use a condom EVERY TIME! That is if you want to reduce the risk of getting her pregnant. I have heard of many people using the "pull-out" method, effectively, and uneffectively. Personally I don't mess around with that.

    It's just not worth the risk.
  3. What exactly do you want us to tell you? You should've used a condom?:D

    I only don't use a condom right after I've gotten done with my period. It's still risky, but it's a small small chance.
  4. You said you pulled out...But you think you got her pregnant by splooging on her stomach.

    Do you know how babys are made?
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    Stop! My best friend did this and ended up pregnant. It happened literally the day after her period ended, and it was because of a failed pull-out attempt. Something

    OP -- I wouldn't worry about it, but I also wouldn't do it again. It's probably not even worth the stress you're enduring now. If blood doesn't bother you, it's pretty much okay to not use a condom DURING her period, but I wouldn't do anything but use a condom before or after it.

    Do you know what pre-ejaculatory fluid is?
  6. If a chicks on the pill I generally don't use a condom. It feels so good cumming inside a chick :cool:
  7. K guys... ready for a little sex ed?

    Pulling out is fine and dandy if you are using spermicide. The issue is that when a guy gets excited he has pre-cum. Well pre-cum can have sperm in it just like regular cum. THIS CAN GET YOU PREGNANT! If you aren't ready to be a parent, don't stick it in without a condom ever!!! You don't have to cum in her to get her pregnant.
  8. pulling out leads to....

  9. This.

    Seriously, its not worth the risk. If your really worried or paranoid about it, get the day after pill asap. If you arent using a condom and she isnt on birth control you are just asking for a baby...
  10. Even if a chick's on birth control she can get pregnant... it's not like it's never happened before
  11. Pregnancy ...
    They know what causes that.

    Plan B my friend. Available over the counter, assuming she's 18 of course.

    Absolutely true, my mother had been on birth control for three years, never missed a pill and she ended up pregnant with me.
  12. Bullshit. I've heard of people who just kept taking their birth control like regular, and then one day found out they were already several weeks into a healthy pregnancy. birth control pills don't harm an already conceived baby (or zygote..fetus..whatever)

    and an old co-worker of mine had three boys, all conceived while she was on birth control.

    some people are just especially fertile.
  13. if you play with fire, you're bound to get burned.
    i'll stick to my birth control and condoms.
    no babies here, thanks.
    that goes double for diseases.
  14. Awww man... the pills don't affect the fetus. If you take alot at once it won't cause her to abort the baby. It will just make her stomach upset. lol

    Women get pregnant on the pill because they forget a pill, mess up on timing, take medication/vitamins that counteract the pill, or they take a pill that doesn't have a high enough dosage.

    You wanna be a guinea pig for this? Lets see you try pulling out only and we will see you again 5 years from now. I betcha you will have a 3 year old.
  15. I dont use them with my fiance and if she gets preggo We are prepared for it.
  16. HA HA HA I used to do the same thing to my old girlfriend i would never wear a condom and i would alway jizz on her stomach but it prob not the best thing to do cause u could still make a bad mistake u kno
  17. Please don't say preggo, haha.

    Watch out for that pre-semen, the white demon.
  18. The only times its okay to now use condoms is with 8 year olds or less, or 65 years or more and then its not okay to have sex with them. ;)
  19. i actually heard that the fews days after the womens period, she is then the most fertile.

    pre-cum is not always very "potent" but it can be so i wouldnt risk it.

    my gf and i always used the pull-out but everytime her time of the month was near, we would hope that is was gonna come, and if it was like a day late we would freak.

    kinda dumb so i was like, fuck it, protection sucks but kids, atm, would suck worse. luckily enough a kid didnt have to teach us that, just anxiety!

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