Sex with sisters boyfriends married mom?

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    Today a strange thing happened. Lets call my sisters boyfriend Derek. I was invited over to Dereks place (he lives with his mom, dad and my sister) to learn how to take care of the pets, about the house and such because I'm going to be living there for a couple weeks to take care of the pets while they are all on vacation.I've never met Derek's parents, but have met Derek many times. I get to the address my sister gave and rang the doorbell. This older, but extremely attractive and well kept lady opens the door and I introduce myself. Instantly I could see that look in her eyes, and have dated/slept with enough cougars to know what that look means. It's sorta the look a wild cougar gives it prey when they want to jump on it, those hungry intense eyes. I'm not going to lie, I sorta gave sex eyes back.She let me into the house when her husband (Derek's dad) came downstairs to introduce himself. He seemed like a friendly guy and seemed like they are in a happy long term relationship.Derek's dad showed me how to operate his cool stove, how to fix a grinding noise that happens when the toilet is flushed, codes for alarm, stuck locks that need to be jiggled to work. Funny dude, he really enjoyed bragging about the awesome stuff he had in his house.Derek's mom took over and showed me where pet stuff is and told me times I have to give meds to the animals. Explained walking routes and some basic obedience things which were sorta common sense.Here's were things turned interesting. We were in the hallway and she squeezed past me to show me something. As she passed, it seemed like she purposely slid her ass against my cock. I know this because after she passed, she turned her head and looked back at me with that same mischievous hungry look with a slight smile, then began to explain something stupid about a photo that didn't even need to be talked about. Like she was finding an excuses to rub against me.After the house and everything was explained, the mom sat down to watch TV in the living room and the dad went upstairs to work. I went to the bathroom to piss, then went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I went to the living room and saw the mom siting there with a blanket over her body, and it looked like she was touching herself under it. I'm not entirely sure, but she stopped when she heard me coming and looked very flushed. I sat down and watched TV with her for a bit until my friend came to pick me up.My friend shoots me a text he's in the driveway, and the mom goes to open the front door for me. Sorta stands a bit in the doorway so I gotta squeeze past. My shoulder brushed against her boobs but she didn't move, just let it happen. I said my goodbyes and she said "see you soon, just don't raid my drawers while I'm gone" then she winked. Like who the hell says that, and it's driving me nuts because I want to pound the shit out of her, but she's in a long term marriage, plus her son Derek is in a long term relationship with my sister.I'm seriously thinking about it, but the only thing stopping me is my morals and how a single (many multiple) action can make me a home wrecker.Sorry for the long post, it's just been on my mind all day and I want to get it off my chest.TLDR: Sisters boyfriends married mom wants to have sex with me I think.Omega369 :wave:
  2. lol... maybe not the best idea....
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    Dude go for it. Its called competition and you are probably not the first guy she's slept with... while married...other than her husband
    Also I laughed out loud at this part My shoulder brushed against her boobs but she didn't move, just let it happen
    The "just let it happen" is priceless.
  4. Tough position to be in I guess. Can't say I've ever found any of my friend's mothers attractive or even had any thoughts like that but hey, I like older women so there's a connection. But at the end of the day, she's married, right? Sure maybe she rubbed against you like a cat in heat, but how long has she been married? Probably just bored. You don't want to get dragged into that shit storm, right?
    Still, sucks! 
  5. Could have fun with her in a sexy way,but not to bang her.
  6. Who cares if she is married? She is not the property of her husband. She can have sex with whoever the hell she wants and there is nothing her husband can say or do. Doesnt mean she doesnt love him but just that she wants a more open relationship. Hell for all you know they do this shit all the time.
  7. Ten thousand imaginary dollars says they're into three-somes and partner-swapping.
      I bet he was checking you out too, thinking "He'd look good pumping my wife while i slam him from behind"
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    I was thinking this exact same thing. That or she'll videotape it for the husband or he'll watch them have sex while he sits by the bed jerking it.
  9. And I heard she is always yelling his name  :ey:
  10.  That's actually alot more realistic.  Alot of married couples do this.
  11. I would do it....but that's because i love sexy older women
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    Omega, you have some of the craziest sex posts that I've ever seen! Anyway, you shouldn't do it. There are plenty that hasn't had their cooch pounded over and over for who knows how many years.... 
  13. I like that you're actually contemplating this because you know it wouldn't be right... I mean unless they are freaky like that lol, if so uhh do it if you think you should lol. This sounded like a storyline to the beginning of a porno :laughing:
  14. It wouldnt be right..... You say that like he has some mind control powers and that this woman cant control herself. If something is being done wrong here it isnt by him.
  15. Am i the only one that gets a really good laugh at everyone of omega's threads
  16. So far ive been very entertained
  17. If the husband is unaware it wouldn't be fair for him to contribute to something that could hurt the husband/their relationship. Some people consider others' feelings, the concequences of their actions, and how it effects others' lives. And base their decisions from that.

    That's just my opinion. We have different opinions and thats fine, no need to debate about it?
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    No worries im not going to get on your case about it. My response is all for the sake of discussion U^ェ^U
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    Ahh I apologize, there's a lot of strongly argumentative people on here, thought I ran into one :laughing:

    And Im high, that doesn't help
  20. Uhh I can get like that sometimes but this is a nonissue and it's not like I cant see things from your POV.

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