Sex when stoned?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Smokin Jake, Dec 5, 2001.


Sex when stoned?

  1. No way!!

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  2. I could get round to it!

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  3. Love it!

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  4. Never have sex when "sober!"

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  1. After commenting on another thread I thought I would ask a bit of a personal question!
    How does being stoned affect peoples sex lives?

    I love sex when I\'m stoned and so does the g/f! personally I think it does wonders!!
  2. crittter ma man, time long, long ago, my husband and i had sex after plate-o-weed,..only a very small step up from being straight, um...that only happened ONCE! and i found myself constintley thinking about smoking a real joint. hehe
  3. Yes, definitely better. My girfriend and I both seem to get more into it, or more focused when we\'re stoned.
    Only drawback is cottonmouth. Kinda sucks for fellatio. :eek:
  4. Pot just magnifies the emotional connection soooooo much. The only thing is that when you do it sober it doesn\'t even compare.
  5. Now we are talking about my addiction! No not sex while stoned just SEX.
    My anti-drug is SEX while high!
  6. Me know-em just want-em chance !

  7. OK so who were the 2 that voted \"NO WAY\" on the poll?

    Must agree with all the people that said it makes the experiance better!
  8. New to the forum, but got to chime in. IT\"S GREAT!!!

    Oddly enough, my ex wife (maybe that\'s the Real reason she\'s my ex) acted as if being high made no difference at all. Go figure.
  9. Is there any other way? It\'s just not the same, not as erotic or sensory with out the ganja.
  10. The last time i was with my ex (and i knew it would be the last time) i was pretty stoned and the way i understood how amazing it is that someone will let someone else in their space like that made the experience something i\'ll never forget. sorry if that doesn\'t make sense, i\'m a little out of it.

  11. made perfect sense to me.........Peace out........Sid
  12. yeah sex is a little boring when you\'re sober...

  13. It makes sense.
  14. I agree with all of you, and thats why the end of half baked pissed me off so much. Anyone know where I\'m coming from?
  15. Good stuff indeed
  16. yea the ending of half baked was a downer but when you think about it they probably wouldnt of let them make a movie where the guy chooses weed over a girl

  17. Why not? Or how about weed AND the girl...
  18. man i function high
    there is not one day i
    do not get high
    every fuckin day im smokin
    its been at least a year since i havent smoked
    and whoever said sex gets boring sometimes
    u must have bumped ur head
    are u not getting laid or something
    sex is great period

    poozle beast in action
    fo sugady

  19. it makes complete sense, as all the others said...:D a feeling is somehting you always remember...

    sex is never boaring.... you just have to keep it long as your with a person you love... its always somehting new and exciting....:)

    fo\' shizzle mah nizzle?
  20. It\'s definately better, but the whole cotton mouth thing sucks. lol
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