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  1. so i was wondering guys and gals...
    girls, if you got a new toy to use with your special someone as a surprise, would you try it out by yourself first or try it out with youre special before knowing if youd like it or not

    guys, if you found out about your girls plan, and that she tried it out without you first would you be upset? even after finding out it was supposed to be a surprise for you?
  2. I think half the fun of it would be trying it out together. I wouldn't be upset though.

    EDIT: Woah we have the exact same post count: 2,525
  3. I'd be fine with her trying it out first, but I'd be happier if she let me come buy it with her. I love being in the sex store buying a toy with her, everyone knowing that we're going to use it the second we get home (or in the car).
  4. When I got my first toy I tried it outmyself first, because I wanted to know if I was comfortable using it.
    When I got my second and third toys I waited to try it with my boyfriend because I knew my comfort levels by then...

    I dont think guys should get turned off about it, if anything, they should get turned on about the thought of it lol
  5. I hooked up with this girl over the summer who had a little vibrator. I always wanted to stick it in her then go down on her to see what would happen. Well I have a few guesses... :D
  6. thats kinda what i was getting at, i hadnt used one of these kinds of toys before and i just wanted to try it out to see if id even like it
  7. It's simple word trickery, The way this question was posed.

    It would not matter, The outcome.
  8. I'd be turned on completely.

  9. Your name always makes me laugh when you post in the sex section :hello:
  10. I do not mind having a toy in bed with me. But say she just randomly pulled it out from under a pillow or something during sex, I would start laughing my ass off. One of my Fuck buddies ( I have seriously been brainstorming of a way to say that with the respect I feel for all the Women I have sex with frequently, I do not like serious relationships ) has suggested the idea and we have done it, and I did not care. With her I have done it a few times. It might be awkward with different Women, but I'll just have to wait to experience it with maybe one of my other ( frequent partners that we have no commitment with each other?)

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