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  1. Let's start a thread and share things you liked that people do to you. or if you got moves then share.

    I like girls who take charge. Like if the girl takes he pants of all of a sudden. Or like act shy and shit and all of a sudden flip script and start making out.

    Giving. Eating pussy is good I like it.
  2. And girls. I'm a solid seven inches is it a big deal that I got a cat penis or does out only matter to some.

    And how big does one need too be to wear magnums.? Just wanna know what i'm up against
  3. this girl i fuck loves it when i pull my dick completely out and then put it completely back in lol
    they love when your locked in the pussy too
  4. doesn't matter what size as long as you can work that dick of yours
  5. Down for an assertive chick just like you said. Takes her pants off and say "fuck me." I'm instantly like :ey::ey::ey: My gf doesnt really do that. Kinda a let down, but I've told her that shit is sexy, so we'll see. ;)
  6. penis in vagina= good
  7. Where you at grasscity?
  8. Chains and whips...Let's have some fun.:cool:
  9. [quote name='"OscarZetaAcosta"']Chains and whips...Let's have some fun.:cool:[/quote]

    S or m?
  10. My girls assertive as fuck most of the times
    Sexy as fuck man
  11. It would seem that way.:cool:
  12. tease the shit out of them till they're squirming for you to throw your boner in em

  13. [quote name='"architoker"']tease the shit out of them till they're squirming for you to throw your boner in em


    Go on
  14. what in the hell is a cat penis lol
  15. [quote name='"hoopzies"']what in the hell is a cat penis lol[/quote]

    Its a cat penis
  16. An alpaca, 3 cans of creamy peanut butter, and a dog leash

    Hell of a night :cool:
  17. If your eating your girl out, right before she's about to climax.. apply more pressure on the clit with your tongue. They love that shit.
  18. youre a cat? :cool:
  19. If i told you my screts I'd have none left...
  20. You make the most ridiculous threads...

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