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Sex Question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NewBasementGrow, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. Question for all of you that have done this before. Can you guys tell the sex yet.. I'm not sure

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  2. Pic #2

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  3. Pic 3

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  4. Maybe you can help with the strain too? I think saliva.
    Either way i want to thank everyone at the city for their help.. i wouldnt have gotten even this far without all of your help.
    Sorry for the Blury Photos .. I dont claim to be much of a photographer ;-)

    Thanks again everyone
  5. hard to tell from the blurrie pics but ....

    if those clumps are little balls...than its a boy....

    if they look like little flower buds with two tiny hairs comeing out of each....

    than its a girl!
  6. One out of three is male then. should i chop it? what will happen if i grow it some more? here is a little better pic.

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  7. well....if you keep him with your ladys you will get lots and lots of seeds......

    if you keep him seperarte you can use him to make hash...

    but i would chop him...

    pic is still alittle unclear but looks male form what i can tell there is a deff differance between the two...

    good luck and keep us informed!

    also check out

    in there grow faq you will find realy good info
    and i think some up close sex pics wich will help you identifi you rplants se x alittle more accurately..
  8. Yep, definately a male...such a shame too it looks so healthy.

    LOL I'm betting that was a typo and you meant sativa? It looks more like an indica to me because of the wide leaves.
  9. HIGH All, yes it's a male. If you want to seed your girls I'd keep him. Pollinating is so much fun. Just be carfull because loose flying pollen is a no no.

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