Sex or Head?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Raoul II, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Which do you prefer?

    For me, it's definitely sex.
  2. definitely head.
  3. Sex, for sure.
  4. sex please.
  5. dont they kinda go hand in hand? ive only had sex once and not copped some dome before hand thats cause it was in an airplane bathroom........yes airplane bathroom..i kid you not i am a member of the mile high club....

    but i have to agree i do love some good head
  6. im definitely a head man..

    DSLs are a must when it comes to girls (for me). :hello:

    EDIT: dont get me wrong, i LOVE to fuck.. i just get more pleeeeeaaaasure from head. ;)
  7. I get more pleasure from some nice dome.

    Esp if I'm high off that indica...heheh
  8. Great head can beat sex at times.. nothin like good dome
    but overall, i'd say sex
  9. sex. although, I am a female... sex just has so many more positibilities and more ways to switch it up.
  10. Depends on my girls mood really.
  11. head

    nothing is better than bussin by head

  12. sex is way better. dome is very very close, but still theres something missing.
  13. A warm vagina being around your cock as opposed to a mouth.
  14. I rather like head myself
  15. i love head and its alot cooler in the fact that u can just kik it and it feels so bomb

    but nothing can replace sex its to wonderful so id have to say its a tie
  16. I love getting head, but my favorite thing in the world is giving my girlfriend orgasms, so I'll go with sex.
  17. It is not even a competition. Sex is the epitome of love making. Go from behind or from the bottom, or in the shower, or in a car, or in another hole...the possibilities are endless.
  18. Sex.

    Some girls give bad head. The worst pussy I ever had was pretty good, though.
  19. Depends on who's giving head.

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