Sex on E

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by videinfra, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. I want to drop Some E with my girlfriend and have sex with her. But I am worries that the sex will be so good, that when I fuck sober its not gonna be good enough. Is it so good, that I will never be satisfied with normal sex again? Any advice?
  2. Good luck getting it up. IF you can manage it, it's gonig to be te best sex of your life. You'll still be satisfied with regular sex, but you might starts rolling more often... lol
  3. yeah Ive heard that sex is never good after X sex. just ask yourself if it's worth it
  4. It's still alot of fun sober, even though it's alot better if you are thizzin.

    Try some viagra maybee, sometimes I have trouble getting my shit up if I got some pills that are meth bombs. But be aware, viagra and thizz can be a deadly combination.
  5. lol idk man, could be fun..
  6. sex on dingers is on tabs is better
  7. Anybody with any experince have any input?
  8. totally false. just a myth
  9. It's great. Just don't take too much. If you have trouble getting it up, take a break, or blame her.
  10. Be prepared for a wild night
  11. find some viagra
    you dont have to take the whole thing
    just bite off as small of a chunk as you can

    having had a wild night & hearing her say
    you fucked my brains out
    will stay w/ you forever

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