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  1. Is the sex of a plant determined while the plant is still in seed form, or can a grower do certain things to make sure the seed turns out to be a certain sex.
  2. No from reg seeds its 50-50 and you won't know till a few weeks in. Buy femmed seeds and you have 99% fems.
  3. Ya but you need a male also, right?
  4. For seeds yes for bud no.
  5. Thanks +rep

    Wait so I could just plant this with a 50/50 chance of it growing into a smokeable plant with buds on it.
    Cause I thought I would have to have a female and a male so they could pollinate
  6. Yes you do have a 50/50 of a smokeable plant. But you only polinate if you want seeds. Its like plant sex pollen + bud = seed.
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  8. MJ plants sex is not determined until the plant is 3 to 4 weeks old. I have also read that ethylene gas influences plants to be female. thats all plants not just MJ

    All ripening fruit gives off ethylene gas and bananas and apples are supposed to be high in ethylene gas as they ripen. I prefer bananas.

    I put a banana at the base of a plant I want to be female. I put it there when the plant is 3 weeks old & keep one there for two weeks. I'll keep one there until it turns black - I don't want bugs - then I put a new one down if needed. Ive had success with 4 plants (out of 4) that I have tried putting a banana under.

    by bluecheese
  9. Ya and after it rots then it will make better soil
  10. However you don't want rotting fruit in you're grow room.

  11. that's interesting man! ..I always thought the sex was determined when the seed was
    formed and only changed if the plant was subjected to really weird conditions.

    Do you have any sources for the ethylene theory?
  12. I have read from several books that cooler temps & lights that are more dominant in the blue spectrum can make the probability of females higher. Is there any truth to it?.....I don't know...but it wouldn't hurt to try.
  13. You've been reading Cervantes' "Marijuana Bible".... or at least that's where I read the same info

    P.S. That banana thing is super interesting, never heard anything like it!!!
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    sorry no links,just what i read on the net and my own research on the matter.but two many bananas will stunt growth completely and you loses a lot of fan leaves,its a try for your self thing.but it does work

    girls like bananas...go figure
  15. People have talked about the ethylene theory, but it all appears to be anecdotal, I have yet to see any established research on this.

    And the fact that seedbanks sell feminised seeds would appear to support the idea that sex is predetermined.
  16. theres ways you can up the chances of getting females from regular seeds.

    less light cycle say 14/10 or 16/8,instead of 24/7 or 18/6
    put under a blue spec light, metal halide or cfl
    more nitrogen,so get a low level npk medium & feed low dosages of your veg nutes as they have high nitrogen levels
    tempratures lower than norm in g/room

    these methods have been tried & tested with reasonable results, so give it a try bud & see how it goes;)

    all the best mate ,happy growing:smoking:

    ps;personally i put regular seeds on making sure i have plenty to cover what i want in my grow room but thats just me.

    get a mother going mate then no worries if going to get male or females;)
  17. Not 14/10, your plant could try and flower early at days that short. Some strains can flower at 14/10. 16/8 is to me still pushing it, but it'll probably be ok. I use 18/6.
  18. Can you quote a reference for these tests???
  19. MJ seeds have there own DNA like info inside which predetermines there sex,we have only begun to start thinking there are other factors which may play some part in doin things to get the sex you want.I believe genetics are what they are and nothing other than the hand of god will change that.Although im willing to look at anyones research,i would love to do some simple things to make reg. seeds grow females,i wont use fem. seeds.

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